Goalkeeper Guilherme: Lokomotiv should have said in advance that the contract would not be renewed 22:25

Former Lokomotiv goalkeeper Marinato Guilherme admitted that he waited until the end for the club’s management to offer him cooperation options. “Match TV”.

“I wasn’t looking for another club. I waited until the end for them to offer me something. The problem is not that the contract was not renewed, just talk openly. I think they should have told me in advance,” said Guilherme.

The goalkeeper noted that he was told a week before the end of the season that his contract would not be renewed.

Guilherme became a Lokomotiv football player in 2007. As part of the red-green team, he became the champion of Russia, four-time winner of the Russian Cup and the Super Cup of the country.

Guilherme has been playing for the Russian national team since 2016. He played 19 matches in the national team and conceded 17 goals. In 2018, Guilherme reached the quarter-finals of the World Championship with the Russian national team.

Previously Lokomotiv announced About the departure of goalkeeper Guilherme.

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Source: Gazeta


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