Mostovoy: Everything was fine at Spartak under Slishkovich 14:33

The possible appointment of former Spartak coach Vladimir Slishkovich to Khimki is proof that the specialist can receive interesting offers. In an interview about this “Championship” said former Spartak and Russian national team forward Alexander Mostovoy.

The expert emphasized that everything was “normal” at Spartak under Sliskovich’s leadership. At the same time, this was not the first time Mostovoy spoke about former Muscovite coach Guillermo Abascala, in whose staff Sliskovich was his assistant.

“I said that when Sliskovich left Spartak, he probably received an offer to work alone. It is too early to say whether a candidate is valuable or not, because in football everything is determined by the result. “Everything was fine with him at Spartak, but before that, for some reason, it was announced that there was a stranger in the club who bullied me for two years,” Mostovoy said.

Spartak fired Guillermo Abascal from his position as head coach in April. After that, Sliskovic became the team’s acting head coach. The red-whites finished the season in fifth place in the Russian Championship, collecting 50 points.

Previously coach Yuran stated About the surprise of Abaskal’s appointment to Spartak.

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Source: Gazeta


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