It is clear what Florida will do with Edmonton in the first game of the Stanley Cup final 06/08/2024, 22:35

Commentator Philip Maykov told what Edmonton hockey players should pay attention to in the first game of the Stanley Cup final series against Florida and noted the strong style of the Panthers.

“How will Florida play? The first period of the first match will be interesting to watch. And overall the first game will be interesting to watch because Edmonton will have to hold on tighter to their pants so Florida doesn’t shake them. This happened in every match. This is how “Florida” begins every episode. If you remember the match against Tampa, everyone they could get hit in the first period: Kucherov got hit, Point got hit, Stamkos got hit. We went through all the leaders. It was the same against Boston in the first game, it was the same against the Rangers in the first game; Trocheck and Zibanejad were beaten as best they could. That’s why I think “Florida” will beat McDavid and Draisaitl in particular, and that’s exactly the mission. During the first shifts, everyone is given as much credit as possible within the rules. That’s why the start of the first game will be important for Edmonton,” says Maykov.

Florida Panthers has three Russian hockey players: goalkeeper Sergei Bobrovsky, defenseman Dmitry Kulikov and forward Vladimir Tarasenko. The Edmonton Oilers do not have a single player from Russia this season.

Belarusian actor of “Washington” statedthat he would tell the kids about Ovechkin.

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Source: Gazeta


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