One of the fan’s idols is without a doubt. Celebrating its fifth season as a franchise this year and is always a guarantee under the sticks To the point where he came to sound like one of the contenders for the Spanish team. Edgar Badia is pure dedication on the field and in the locker room. A luxury goalkeeper for Elche He owes many wins to his extraordinary saves. Except for the surprise, it will kick off the season. Last season Escribá wanted another goalkeeper and Kiko Casilla, who was the goalkeeper until the two games before he was sacked, came. Seeing himself in water up to his neck, he turned to Badia. Then, with Francisco’s arrival, Badia was the undisputed start, and Casilla only played the last two games while the team was already registered.

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Elche coach asks another goalkeeper to discuss Catalan ownership. Currently in Argentina we have Axel Werner, who has returned after a loan to Arsenal de Sarandi. In principle, the “saint” will start the season as a start, unlike last season. The contract was expiring, but was automatically extended for another year, with permanence and playing more than 50 percent of the games.

Badia is getting ready to start the season at a high level. Unlike last season with Escriba, Francisco knows that he has full confidence in the Catalan goalkeeper.

Arrived on the 18-19 winter market January 2019. That year helped with persistence. It was key to promotion in 2019-20, and 20-21 and 21-22 were required to stay in the Premier League. It will complete its fifth season on Elche. At 30, he has proven himself in full sporting maturity and a guaranteed goalkeeper for the Premier League..

It came after Reus disappeared due to non-payment. The sporting director at the time, Jorge Cordero, was careful and signed him in January and has since been a goalkeeper out of Escribá.

Bragarnik is back

The owner of Elche, Argentinian Christian Bragarnik, returned to Elche to speed up the team’s sports planning from Elche, which continued without any transfers, four days after the start of the preparatory season. The Argentine representative was aware of all operations in his country as he kept in constant communication with technical secretary Sergio Mantecón, but his return was interpreted as an acceleration in planning.

In addition to the need to strengthen the team in various positions such as fullback or midfielder, Elche’s main challenge is getting the replacement of Tenerife midfielder Omar Mascarell.His contract expired on 30 June. The club has made several offers for the player and are willing to make the financial effort, but no deal has yet been reached, the opposite of what happened with Javier Pastore or Pere Milla, who eventually extended their commitment to the asset. Bragarnik will also have to face the loan departure of local players Mourad and Salinas, as well as central player Josema, who played for Valladolid in the last episode of last season, or Argentine goalkeeper Axel Werner, who returned after his passing. Via Sarandí Arsenal.