President of the Diputacion de Alicante, Carlos Mazonreceived its members at the Provincial Palace. Salesianos Elche Sports Club boys’ volleyball teamannounced last May Spain champions for the second consecutive year. The Ilicitano school also came second in the boys category in Spain this year.

“We are proud of you, your effort and sacrifice. Thank you for carrying the name of our province to the lands of the country and for your participation,” he said. John of the God Navarro.

Mazón also stressed the Provincial Council’s commitment to grassroots sports, “a key segment that contributes firmly to the physical, social and educational development of the youngest, and with which we collaborate through various projects and relief schemes.”

The players aged between 13 and 14 were accompanied by the head of the center and the manager, Jose Miguel Gambinas well as the trainers Vincent Ferrandez, Ruben Fernandez and Guillermo Iglesias.