There are numerous crossings that happen during the summer, but a few special Tabarca-Santa Pola. It is a unique test in which more than 1,300 swimmers are cited and always marked in red by the participants. calendar references. On this occasion, in this test organized by Alone de Santa Pola, the desire to compete in this test, which has not been held since 2019 due to the pandemic, has increased exponentially. this return of the classic Despite how bad the weather was on Saturday, the swimming party, which started at half past seven in Tabarca, where sea conditions were good, could not go any better and this caused concern.

The win was taken by Valencia’s Daniel Ponce, who started as the test’s biggest favourite. swimmer from Castalia Castell√≥n Swimming Club, sixth consecutive podium and his second final victory, although the road passed through Playa Lisa on his first success. Ponce walked away as soon as the test started with Miguel Bou of Benidorm Swimming Club. They ran the test together until the third kilometer, where the Valencian pushed until they won the pass. Second in line was Bou, who signed his second consecutive podium this weekend after finishing third in the Almassora test on Saturday. Third place went to Jorge Navarro.

women’s podium Matthias Segarra

In the women’s, Trinat club’s Nadia Rodriguez took a clear lead with one hour and 29 minutes, followed by Iris Gracia and Pauline Raynaud. Test put together Swimmers from more than 15 countries came from all over the world. this securityThe flag, which is always displayed by the organizers, was one of the highlights from the very beginning. On this occasion, more than a hundred canoeists, inflatable boats and support boats accompanied the heroes during the 5,900-meter journey. There have been other support services by the Red Cross, the Civil Guard, the Civil Protection and the Local Police. Each swimmer must carry a chip, safety whistle, individual buoy and cap throughout the crossing. At kilometer 3 there was a source of hydration for the participants. The organization also had buoys every 100 meters and two floating islands for emergencies.

A moment from the test Matthias Segarra

Daniel Ponce, winner of the crossing, could not contain the emotion when he reaches the finish line as a winner and sheds a few tears. Acknowledging that this victory was a “surprise”, Ponce said, “I am very happy for this victory in this important test for which I love so much, I was touched as soon as I arrived.” “I wasn’t expecting this because I had a lot of physical problems in the last weeks and I didn’t train as I wanted,” said the Valencian swimmer, who finished second in the 81km Ganges test. .