Ronaldo’s girlfriend showed her photo in a transparent dress 14:49

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, model Georgina Rodriguez, published a new photo on her social networks.

In the photo, she poses in a translucent dress.

Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Saudi Arabia with his family and has been playing as a striker for the Al-Nasr team since January 2023. Although it is forbidden in the country for a man and a woman to live under the same roof outside of marriage, the legendary football player was allowed to live with the mother of his children.

The athlete has two daughters from the model: six-year-old Alana Martina and one-year-old Bella Esmeralda. The football player also has a son named Cristiano Jr., who was born in 2010. He has a son named. And in 2017, the surrogate mother gave birth to twins Eva and Mateo. Rodriguez admitted to subscribers that he loves his stepsons and stepdaughter as much as his own children.

Ronaldo has already proposed to his girlfriend, but the couple has not married yet. Although Al-Nasr’s striker did not like to comment on this issue, he noted that he was happy with Georgina.

Previously the sexiest fan of the 2022 World Cup in underwear she moved her hips on camera.

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Source: Gazeta


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