Elche is present on its social networks today and remembers the first important event in its brand new history. “We managed to escape from hell 4 years ago to start our climb to heaven”, the club reminds that on 23 June 2018, the team of the coach of the period, Pacheta, was promoted to the Second Division.

2-1 loss to Villarreal B in the 2-0 match of the first leg at Martínez Valero He served the Franjiverde team to return to the silver category of Spanish football, where he would spend two seasons later to return to the First Division.

Pacheta played a big role in getting the promotion. INFORMATION editor Julián Palomar later said that the coach “had a dream and he made it happen, and that he managed to advance to the Second Division with Elche. Football owed him money and he was finally able to compose a message and collect it because the players bought it from him. Paradoxes of football, yesterday Franjiverde took their first defeat 2-1 as the tenant of the dressing room, undoubtedly played the worst game of his time at Franjiverde, but has already made history by moving the team from Elche to the league. lost the category a year ago”.

On this occasion, the lead role went neither to Nino nor to Javi Flores, but to goalkeeper José Juan. The goalkeeper blocked four goals from the opponent, some “incredibly” as they sang in the stands, the sticks allied with franjiverdes, showing once again that the yellow side team did not score a goal. Benja’s goal served to achieve the goal.

The next day, INFORMATION had a resounding headline on its cover: “Mission completed”. Inside, the catch phrase was “Elche Leaves the Well and Returns to the Second.” The next day, the team was greeted by the crowd on the streets of the city and in the Plaza de Baix, where fans trembled with their hands and recognized their work.

Little is left of Elche on that unforgettable night, Very little. Specifically, Gonzalo Verdú and Josan. Crevillent midfielder came in for Iván Sánchez in the 60th minute. The Franjiverde team is complete in addition to goalkeeper José Juan, defenders Tekio, Neyder and Manu, midfielders Manuel Sánchez, Provencio, Beja and attackers Javi Flores and Nino. On the bench, Guille Vallejo (reserve keeper), Zotko, Redru, Jony, Collantes, Josan and Lolo Plá.

Benja’s goal in the 15th minute put Pacheta’s men ahead, while Villarreal B tied the match just before the first half and took the lead in the 93rd minute.As Palomar points out, “The fans of the Elche team who attended Mini Estadi have made it clear that they are mature fans.. They knew how to suffer with the team when they were going through tough times, and then they reined in their dreams when the referee blew the final whistle. After suffering several years at the corporate level and falling into Second B in the sport, he deserved something like yesterday”.