“An incredible, incomprehensible woman”: a journalist from the USA talks about Tutberidze and doping in Russia

On the change of Davis’ citizenship and the relocation of Tutberidze to the USA

In early June, Liz announced that Eteri Tutberidze could begin to represent the United States with the partner of her daughter Diana Davis, who performed ice dance with Gleb Smolkin. Rumors were fueled by the fact that Davis was born in the United States and holds American citizenship.

Around the same time, Liz broke the big news about Tutberidze: she claimed that her famous mentor could stay in the USA for training. By the way, she still has not returned to Russia and is now with Davis and Smolkin.

Still, Tutberidze called the information given by Liza “fake”, but called the news about the transition from her daughter under the US flag “interesting”. In an interview with Sports.ru, the American journalist explained where he got such data from.

“Last week, Eteri Tutberidze ran into a figure skating person at the Fort Lauderdale airport. And rumors about Diana’s possible passing began circulating a few weeks ago.

I heard this from another coach whose daughter is also an ice dancer. They discussed a possible flag change and, according to him, when he contacted the American Federation, he was told that Eteri Tutberidze had contacted them with a similar question. We can probably talk about how real the transition of Davis and Smolkin couple under the US flag will be. So there were rumors, yes. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when he gave me this talk by Eteri at the Florida airport.”

The journalist emphasized that Davis has an American passport and that if he marries his wife (Liz, Davis and Smolkin are also romantically involved), it would be no problem to obtain citizenship for the skater.

“The real question here is whether Russia will agree to let them go. That’s why I wouldn’t rule out a possible transit to Georgia. The more vehemently speakers in Russia deny something, the more likely it is to be true.

There is a saying that there is no smoke without fire. It is always very entertaining to read the anti-Western statements of Tatyana Tarasova and Alexander Zhulin – despite how many years they lived and studied in the USA, how much money they earned there, ”the journalist shared.

Liz noted that the issue of citizenship change in sports is now being discussed, but she has sources that say Tutberidze speaks very confidently about it. In general, Davis and Smolkin’s move to the United States may seem very logical – after Russian skaters were indefinitely excluded from participation in tournaments under the auspices of the International Skating Union (ISU), many experts noted that athletes could. begins to change citizenship. So the move to the USA team will open up the opportunity for Davis and Smolkin to play in international starts for a strong team.

“One thing I do know: Eteri will do everything in her power to help her daughter succeed in ice dancing.

There were many more talented skaters on your team, and Diana went to Beijing. And I started talking about it a year before the Olympics! And everyone around me thought I was crazy, ”said the American journalist.

In the context of the sports citizenship change, Davis and Smolkin, Liz also started a discussion about Tutberidze’s latest move to the United States. He did not rule out such a possibility, but citing various experts and coaches, Dr. Recorded without Philip Shvetsky (the doctor of the Russian national team, who was convicted of giving illegal drugs to the rowing team. – socialbites.ca). A mentor in America will not be able to make the same successful career as in Russia. Currently, she is actively collaborating with the group of Shvetsky Tutberidze and even sit with the athletes and have a kiss and cry, waiting for the ratings.

“You have to understand that these kinds of things are discussed quite openly here. Current coaches and former athletes in Russia often laugh about what and how they were drugged in the 80s and 90s, no one can hide it. Eteri Tutberidze, who took part in the US Championship, will only be a movie. Think how excited journalists will be, how much interest figure skating will get again.

Think about it: FBI investigators are investigating you, and you make the very bold decision to transfer your daughter to the US flag. It’s like robbing a bank and then going back to the cashier.

She is an incredible, incomprehensible woman,” said Liz.

The journalist noted that he knows at least one ice rink that is ready to invite Tutberidze to him, because such cooperation can promise potential financial benefits. Many parents will want to pay a famous trainer whose figure skaters won medals at three Olympics in a row.

“Although many people do not believe in this move because of the training methods that do not fully comply with the principles of safe sports.

If Tutberidze doesn’t change his approach to education, he could be sued for misconduct by a mentor, and it could even lead to litigation.

Such cases have happened many times in American gymnastics, figure skating has encountered this less and less until now, but it is possible, ”said the artist.

About the Olympics, the abolition of Russia and the age limit

Liz noted that she does not welcome the increase in the age limit in figure skating (it will be gradually increased over two years – next season the transition to the adult level will be carried out from 16 years old, and from a year later – 17 years old – “socialbites.ca”). According to Liz, this will not help figure skating in any way, nor will it reduce the number of risky quad jumpers.

“This solution will allow you to hide the problem only under a layer of frills, but the essence will not change.

Legendary coach Frank Carroll recently said that athletes need to stay lean longer now – that’s all. It worries me.

I remember how a figure skater climbed the Olympic podium in Beijing (and she was 17, so, according to the new rules, she was already going to the Games), her dress almost falling out of thinness. So, skaters will have to starve themselves even longer,” Liz suggested.

The journalist told an interesting fact:

The world welcomes Russia’s removal, mostly because of what happened in women’s skating during the Olympics, not because of the current political situation.

We are talking about the hysteria of the Russian woman Alexandra Trusova, who became the first person in the world to jump five quads in the free program, but this did not help her take the first place.

Before going to the awards, he had a nervous breakdown, cried and claimed that he would never go back on the ice. This episode was televised.

Liz also said that the decision to exclude Russia from international competitions was welcomed by the situation with Kamila Valieva. During the games, the results of the figure skater’s doping test conducted in December showed the presence of a banned substance. Therefore, the award ceremony following the results of the team tournament, in which Russia won gold, was not held, and in the midst of stress, the athlete left the podium in the individual tournament and made several serious mistakes at the box office.

“If you read the comments on my channel or go to English-language Twitter, you’ll see that people welcome this decision, firstly because of what happened to Kamila Valieva and secondly because of the pre-award scene. girls. I would like to emphasize that what is seen under the stands in the Beijing arena is perceived differently in Russia and in the West. The version is circulating in your press that Sasha Trusova is a warrior who does not accept the final result, and silver to the marrow of her bones is not enough for her.

For the Western audience, Sasha is a child abused by adults. Most likely, his reaction was due to the psychological trauma he received as a result of the long emotional impact of the coaching staff.

And that led to such a blast at the Olympics,” Liz shared.

About doping in Russian figure skating

Continuing to talk about doping, Liz noted that she is still convinced that Russian figure skaters are collectively using illegal drugs. Separately, she mentioned again about Shvetsky, who was almost always by her side. The journalist said that this was not observed in any other team.

“Do I find it odd that this came out exactly in Beijing? Yes. Russia rightfully raises the issue of the timing of the publication of the results of Kamila’s test. The timing itself seems suspicious and may have political reasons. But at the same time, it seems no less strange that there is still no information about whether the athlete requested an autopsy of the B sample. .

“I don’t believe the Valieva side wants to open the B sample, I believe the coaches give all the athletes the same drugs, only Camila was caught,” he said.

At the same time, according to Liz, athletes have no idea what they accept, as they have unlimited trust in the coaching staff and the experts themselves trust the Ministry of Sports.

“And yes, I believe this is just one part of a great system of government that brings medals and that no one actually broke. People note that the Russian Olympic Committee has not been severely punished by the IOC. Athletes continued to compete in the Olympics – yes, without a flag, but even without it it was clear to everyone that they were Russian athletes.

At the same time, I don’t want to say that Russia is the only country with a state system that promotes doping,” he said.

On the prospects of figure skating without the Russians

Liz expressed the view that the US team would not particularly benefit from the removal of Russian athletes, as there are currently no top figure skaters able to compete against their Asian rivals. As an example, he cited Japanese Kaori Sakamoto, who finished third at the Games in Beijing and won the World Cup in the absence of Russia.

“I don’t see any bright personalities in the American team who would benefit from the Russian ban.

Here in Japan there are such star skaters who can take advantage of the situation and strengthen their position. Remember how Kaori Sakamoto rejoiced at her bronze medal in Beijing – as if it were gold! I had a feeling that others shouldn’t try. Now the Japanese figure skaters have an excellent chance to win,” said Liz.

American journalist Dave Leese, author of the popular figure skating blog The Skating Lesson, was the first to report that Diana Davis, along with Gleb Smolkin, could change her sports citizenship to American and that Eteri Tutberidze was ready to train in the United States. . In an interview with Sports.ru, she explained why Tutberidze could be prosecuted in the United States, how the Olympic scandal with Alexandra Trusova was perceived in the West, how ex-Russian skaters calmly talked about doping, and why the USA. It will not benefit from the withdrawal of Russia from the competitions.

Source: Gazeta


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