fourteen years later, Girona is back CBA. From the front door, after you get over it end Big favorite of LEB Gold, students (60-66) and a Marc Gasol who entered the top category of Spanish men’s basketball with a dazzling project with how and who directed it, and who brought back all the reputation he had given him in Fontajau’s showcase, attracted the attention of the NBA. font Next season will see the biggest one, Barça, Madrid, La Penya… and it looks like this is just the beginning of what’s to come.

He played, of course he played, Marc GasolCarrying the whole of Girona in his heart since the semi-final match leida would be injured knee left lame in the third quarter and in the locker room. It was a doubt, but fans sighed when it was learned that he had gone to Fontajau in the early afternoon to test himself. the feelings were goodand more than when he normally goes out to warm up with his other teammates. Seeing him in the top five was already a surefire spark to ignite the fans and start the finale in a way that everyone believes is possible. It was the day, the time, and the place. And although he didn’t perform at his best, his very existence was a minor victory for morale.

power and speed

Gasol started, but the party’s first proper name, fjellerupThe writer, who practically scored 7 points in a row at the beginning of the first quarter, followed the team’s favorite recipe: energy in defense, speed as the ball moves, and accuracy in offense (4-9). But, of course, nothing is easy in the end and everything is immediately leveled. Even Estudiantes took the lead with Faggiano’s (12-9) three-pointer, although Girona dominated the first quarter as vigorously as Fontajau.

Trio from Vila to open second quarter Maximum advantage to Girona (14-22), He responded with a 6-0 score from Estudiantes (20-22) which, far from raising suspicion, preceded a dramatic impact from Girona. The Catalan team was ahead (30-34), thanks to a basket by Dee, who was the top scorer of the Madrid team with 7 points, on the bell.

fear of failure

Just as the game started, Girona rolled, the third quarter started. Marc Gasol and Fjellerup They were in the lead again, and Fontajau bounced back to lead 8 (32-40) points, although the team didn’t stop their rebound problems. Urtasun’s trio +13 (39-52) responded within minutes of Beirán (42-52). The arguments for believing them were stronger (47-58 to close the quarter).

Girona failed to score in the last quarter nervesfear of failure. Gasol is back on the track. With just over six minutes left, his first ball was inside (52-60). Faggiano made it 58-60 with 3 minutes left and Girona’s collapse was complete.

Fjellerup gave his team a boost and Gasol made the score 58-64- with one and a half minutes left. So yes, Fontajau collapsed with joy. Girona kept the ACB just around the corner. honest He sealed it for eight seconds to the delight of the fans.