HE Elda Prestige He couldn’t make the second surprise of the week and fell on the trend For Caja Rural Aula Valladolid, 33-28. “Lion” Eldenses went up against Pucelanas and they lost by just two goals with ten minutes left in the match. (24-22).

set José Miguel Cantos and Vanesa Amorós dreamedRinging the bell for a few minutes, just like they did in the qualifying round last Wednesday. Queen’s Cup vs Rocasa Gran Canaria.

However, the Valladolid team was better in the last moments and managed to win.

It was a “sweet” defeat because Aula Valladolid is fighting for the top of the standingsfor him Elda Prestigio’s only goal is to stay in the Iberdrola Guerreras LeagueThey returned after 13 years.

Brazilian Fernanda Lima, with 8 goals, was Elda’s team’s top scorer; with Graci DuquePlayer who scored 6 goals.

On this occasion, Bea Escribano impressed throughout the meetingCouldn’t help with scoring.

Despite the defeat, Elda played well.

Elda Prestigio player’s seven meter throw ELDA PRESTIGE


RURAL BOX CLASS VALLADOLID: Elba Álvarez (8), Jimena Laguna (6), Inoa Lucio (1), María Prieto (4), Camen Sanz (2), Laura Bizco, Alicia Robles, Lorena Aide (1), Irene Botella (1), Teresa Álvarez , María Antón, Martina Romero )1), Marcela Arounian (2), Savina Bergara, Amaia González (6) and Claudia Moreno (1).

ELDA PRESTIGE: Lucía Prades, Susi Sánchez, Graci Duque (6), María Mulet, Fernanda Lima (8), Sol Azcune (1), Agda Gonsalves (3), Sofia Rivadeneira (1), Andrea Claramonte, María Rodríguez (2), Bea Escribano and Claudia Martínez (3).

MARKER EVERY 5 MINUTES: 4-2, 8-3, 9-6, 12-9, 13-11, 16-13 (rest) 19-14, 20-17, 23-19, 24-22, 29-24 and 32-28 ( end).

REFEREES: Jorge Rodríguez and Alejandro Núñez.

PAVILION: Huerta del Rey from Valladolid.

A moment from this Saturday’s clash in Valladolid ELDA PRESTIGE


Source. KH-7 Granulators 25-25

Class Valladolid-Elda Prestigio 33-28

Lobas Oviedo-Atletico Guardés 23-28

Bera Bera-Costa del Sol Malaga 25-21

Motive.co Gijón-Porriño 18-19

Beti Onak-AtticGo Elche 25-35



2- Super Amara Bera Bera 24

3- Costa del Sol Malaga 24

4- Caja Rural Aula Valladolid 23

5- Mecalia Atlético Guardés 20

6- Preserved Orbe R. Porriño 20

7- KH-7 Granulators 16

8- Rocasa Gran Canaria 11

9- Replasa Beti Onak 8


11- Motive.co Gijón La Calzada 2

12- Lobas Global Atac Oviedo 2