In Russia, 16-year-old Andreeva’s tennis was said to be almost perfect 00:50

Vice President of the Russian Tennis Federation (RFF) Alexey Selivanenko talks about the match of 16-year-old tennis player Mirra Andreeva, who played with the world’s sixth racket of the Tunisian representative Ons Jabeur in the second round of the Australian Open. He noted that the Russian woman’s game was almost flawless, which brought her a landslide victory. His words are quoted by the publication

“Mirra played almost flawlessly, taking the lead from the start of the match and giving Ons no chance to get back into the game. Of course, for Ons the match ended extremely unsuccessfully, but also because Mirra constantly played games and forced her to make mistakes,” said Selivanenko.

The match lasted 54 minutes and ended with a crushing victory for the 16-year-old Russian, with scores of 6:0 and 6:2 in two sets. In the third round of the tournament, Andreeva will play against French tennis player Diane Parry. The match will be played on January 19, the estimated start time is 03:00 Moscow time.

Russian tennis players continue to participate in international tournaments as neutral athletes. The only tournament they missed was Wimbledon in 2022. Sanctions were imposed because the organizers did not allow Russian tennis players to participate in the tournament.

The current winner of the Australian Open is Belarusian Arina Sabalenka.

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Source: Gazeta


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