Luis Rubiales published on his social networks the launch of an NFT project led by Moon Labs, one of the leading technology companies of the Republic of Korea, for which the management of the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation was praised.

You can read the following in his statement:

Do you really think this was a sexually violent assault? We say NO. Everyone knows this deep in their hearts. This is an insult to someone who has actually been sexually assaulted and hurt in her life. Yes, Luis made a small mistake, but the biggest mistake was losing him for the sake of football.

And there are still many people who support him. The aim of this contract is to create an NFT project that will honor Luis Rubiales for his contributions to Spanish and global football.

The 2030 generation is logical and Many people in South Korea are fighting for true equality, far beyond the feminist radicalism and extremism in many parts of the world.

That’s why we started this project to support you.

This may be a risky venture for the company but we believe and believe that we are doing the right thing and that is why we started this business.

“We launched this global NFT on January 17, 2024 (in honor of its 17th) with all our global sponsors.”

Rubiales talks about “true equality”

In his message about networks, Rubiales states: ““This message is for those who support true equality, not radicalism or media manipulation.”

South Korea is a digital powerhouse with many electronic companies such as Samsung and other leaders in the field of Artificial Intelligence. There are also several large companies with strong ties to European football, such as Hankook Tire and the Hyundai Motor company, known as the official sponsor of UEFA and Real Madrid.