Carlo Ancelotti said he was his neighbor in the preview of the first semi-final of the Spanish Super Cup (Wednesday at 20.00). Diego Pablo Simeone. Their paths crossed many times in an intimate relationship different from the one they traditionally maintained in the trenches: Inter-Milan, Rome-Lazio, Italy-Argentina and of course Real Madrid-Atletico. Both are two of the managers who are most similar to the clubs they coach.

In the coming weeks, they will meet more often in the trilogy of Madrid derbies, which begin with a duel of tense competition, thousands of kilometers from home, where no one knows how to win or lose. Then will be the Copa del Rey round of 16 match (January 18) and finally the League match (February 4). Three accumulated derbies that will determine the trend of the season, because among them at leastTwo titles are at stake. Everything except the emotional toll of these duels.

Valverde defends entry for Morata in 2020

“There’s no need to think about it any further, but I don’t like playing against Atletico so many times. Because they are already strong rivals in the league that hurt us. But they will think the same about us. “The fans will enjoy it,” said the Italian. Simeone, on the other hand, within the scope of this tactically sensible game, avoided comparing the match with the match in the League, which the red and whites won: “Nothing. There are things to see, they have recovered players. “Every meeting has its own conditions.”

Rodrigo de Paul, who has the ‘canchera’ blood that characterizes him, said he loves such matches. If it were up to him, it could be played every week. If Valverde was the Real Madrid player next to Ancelotti, all duels should look like the 2020 Super Cup final, He cut off Morata’s clear advance with a brutal tackle. He was sent off, became the MVP and the whites retained the title.

The Madrid striker will have time to respond on the pitch. After achieving the best scoring moment of his career, he will do it in a sweet moment of form. He scored 12 goals in the League alone; this was a figure he never reached in the first round. Morata will look to shine in the country he rejected and which now sponsors his team through Riyadh Air. He himself admitted this: “I didn’t think about Arabia. It was a lot of money but I didn’t want to see Atletico from afar“, will also happen to fans of the four teams in contention (Barcelona and Osasuna will compete in the other semi-final).

Football players missed their fans

As with most editions, travel will be minimal. The live event, which will try to fill 25,000 seats, which is smaller than previous halls, will again be held for local people. Al-Awwal Park stadium in Riad, where Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr plays at home. It was also the scene in 2021 when Boca and Barça played a match to honor Maradona.

De Paul acknowledged that he would miss the warmth of his own fans, and other heroes who appeared were unanimous: “Those who made the decisions wanted the game to be played here.” All this happened amidst several local journalists asking Ancelotti if he had received any offers from Saudi Arabia. “They forgot me”he joked with a manager who faced more options in the semi-final than he had for most of the season.

returnees Tchouameni And camavinga They provide more muscle in their corresponding area, playing as centre-backs or wingers respectively. The former can line up alongside Kroos and Valverde in midfield, while the latter can train with a bandage on his knee.

Real Madrid’s ‘pessimistic’ defense and ‘Cholo’ superstition

The Madrid team will have what Ancelotti described as the “most pessimistic” defense possible in the backfield. nachos And Rüdiger. The first player always carried this label, and the German defender, who was the most suitable defender of the team, was also appointed. “Because they always think something bad could happen”, this method of self-preservation has led to the League’s co-leaders being by far the team that has scored the fewest goals in the championship (11). Mendy or Fran García are the ones that raise doubts. What Ancelotti didn’t want to talk about was Lunin or Kepa. The secret to not fueling an argument.

Simeone said that although every game has a context, An eleven almost identical to the one that defeated Real Madrid at the Metropolitano. The established scheme of five defenders and wingers, with De Paul as the only innovation, Llorente and Koke in the middle of the field. ‘Colo’ is superstitious. He likes to revisit scripts that work, even if he hides them. As the league fades away, they need a strike impact to get back on their feet against Real Madrid. the one who bears the sole but heavy burden of nepotism. Although it’s the usual tradition in knockout tournaments that seem scripted.