Orenburg announced the words about the player who has just joined the club and is accused of violence 01/05/2024, 18:51

Orenburg football club sports director Dmitry Andreev explained in a comment “Match TV” My words about Chilean Jordi Thompson, a potential new player who plays for Colo-Colo and will join the team.

“My comment was in the context of the fact that everyone makes mistakes in life. There is no point in buying a football player and trampling him under conditions. It’s not something he hits and that’s normal. There are different situations and sometimes people find themselves in these situations, it’s not about girls, negative things happen in everyone’s life. It is wrong to give up on a person from now on,” said Andreev.

Thompson remains under house arrest due to harassment allegations against his ex-girlfriend. Colo-Colo management released Thompson to Orenburg on loan for €1.1 million with the option to buy more.

Andreev told Sport24 that Orenburg were not worried about the club’s reputation because of Thompson. “We heard there were problems with the girl. You say it as if you put 20 girls,” Andreev said.

After 18 rounds of the national championship, “Orenburg” took 14th place in the standings, having collected 15 points. The second part of the RPL will begin in March 2024.

Previously Guberniev named Andreev’s statement is stupid.

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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