minister French interior by Gérald Darmaninhe announced in an interview this Sunday. Sevilla fans They will not be able to go to the match The Champions League that the Andalusian club will play on Tuesday french lenses. “They won’t be able to come to Lens,” Darmanin told digital media Brut.

The minister was consulted about the failure to stop the recent violence in football in France, which resulted in the death of one person in a fight between Nantes and Nice fans on December 2. In response, Darmanin argued that this was a “private football matter” and swift action was needed.

Thus, together with the Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra and the president of the French League Vincent Labrune, it was decided to impose a moratorium on the movement of foreign fans.

“I will ban Sevilla fans from coming to Lens to create an electroshock,” he added.

Darmanin pointed out that before the violent incidents occurred in the stadium, measures were taken to ban entry to the field, but now the incidents took place outside the stadium and other arrangements needed to be made. He also emphasized that this type of violence is not seen in other sports such as football: “Those who resort to the most violence are not all the fans, but a small part of them.”

“Without communication”

The Sevillian club said in a statement that it had “received no official communication from either the French authorities or UEFA supporting such extremism, although it understands that the French government is determined to implement this measure at any time.” The tenor of his spokesman’s words”. For this reason, he wants to express that he is “against this measure because he thinks that his fans in particular and football in general are being harmed by disproportionate measures that do not seem justified.”

“Sevilla FC is taking steps together with the Spanish Government to ensure that this banning measure is not implemented, as many fans have already been approved for flights and trips to France to watch the match against Lens,” he adds.

“Sevilla FC considers that its fans have been harmed and a dangerous precedent has been set for fan movements. Likewise, it will provide them with all the assistance within its power through the club’s liaison officer,” the Sevilla organization said.

It also states that it will “transmit its formal complaint regarding the procedure carried out to UEFA without prior notice and without room for actual reaction” and “facilitate the adoption of any official decision delegated to the institution by its own means”. Whether by some of the French or Spanish officials”.