Alcoyano’s match against Atlético B was the beginning of the end, a positive move. In the 54th minute, Lara quickly went on a counter attack and the ball hit his foot. His opponent does not hesitate and stops him to eliminate the danger. But, When the referee realizes that an attack has occurred in the fall, the local football player who receives a direct red card is sent off..

From that moment on, Alcoyano suffered a nervous breakdown. He compromised from a set piece, was penalized after his own mistake, and eventually lost his mind. As if this wasn’t enough, they may return to the relegation zone this Sunday.

The first part of the accident was small scale. The most remarkable thing was that Arumí quickly found his lost contact lens in the grass after an accident; This says a lot about both the youth team’s luck and the lack of scoring opportunities.

Intention between yawns Diego Bri. Closer to home, the former Elche player looked keen and was spotted on multiple occasions, although he was rather vague on the pass.

Thus, Lara stopped Iturbe’s timid shot without any problems for the locals; and Niño’s shot into the side of the net after a good cut inside the area that brought down his opponent; The first 45 minutes were all offensive production for the guest team. In the final move, Pradera saw how the opposition goalkeeper was first to reach the ball after a set piece. The referee, probably as fed up as the fans, sent the 22 heroes to the dressing room to see if anything would change.

decisive red

The comeback brought some spark but little football. And Alcoyano was injured when they least expected it. Lara went on the counter attack and Gismera stopped him with a clear foul. The referee pointed this out to him, but Lara was sent off after apparently accidentally hitting an opponent in the fall and clashing with other Atlético players..

The sending off distracted the locals, who began to defend themselves and salvage the point they had hitherto held. However, Atletico B found a way to open the scoring from the corner. The red and whites lasted a short time Cala crossed to the far post and Marco headed goalwards, beating Sergi López..

Lara and the referee are the heroes of the decisive action of the conflict Juani Ruz

Alcoyano tried to react but could not find an ounce of football and was also lost in appeals to the referee. As if that wasn’t enough, he was penalized for a mistake by Primi in the final stretch; He lost the ball near his own half and almost gave up the goal for Atlético. Mestanza executed Valens. Already in stoppage time, Diego Bri closed the scoring with the last 0-3 and reactivated the red alert in El Collao: four days without knowing what winning meant and a possible relegation comeback if Sanluqueño and Atlético Baleares won their matches. Sunday.


ALCOYANO: Valence; Campabadal (Sergi López, 63′), Farru, Primi, Nieto, Albisua, Imanol (Juanan, 63′), Ganet (Sergi García, 55′), Agüero, Pradera and Lara.

ATLÉTICO B: Iturbe; Marco, Mariano, Joel Arumí (Boñar, 67′), Pablo Pérez, Ndiaye, Guerrero (Cala, 67′), Gismera, Diego Bri, El Jebari (Nabil, 79′) and Niño (Mestanza, 79′).

GOALS: 0-1 (69′) Marco. 0-2 (83′)Mestanza. 0-3 (90’+4′) Diego Bri.

REFEREE: Pablo Morales Moreno. Gismera berated Ndiaye, Diego Bri and Pradera. He sent Lara (54′) out of the game with a direct red card.

STADIUM: El Collao (Alcoy).