Real Madrid qualified for the Endesa League final by beating Baskonia (77-85) at Buesa Arena, and did not encounter their first coach, Pablo Laso, following him from his home hours after he was discharged after myocardial infarction.

set Chus Mateo He always kept the game under control. Walter Tavares once again decisive 23 points, 13 rebounds and 36 PIRswhich allowed Madrid to quickly close the semi-final against Baskonia. Baldwin became Baskonia’s best player with 26 points.

Baskonia entered the game resolutely, realizing that if they wanted to get a chance against Whites, they had to keep the tempo high. A tip from Peters encouraged the locals, but soon a reality bath came to them.

Tavares soon became the owner of the area Hanga successfully returned to directing and also in the trio (7-12) that allowed Madrid to gain their first advantage.

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The Vitorians have lost control of the duel before. a Madrid that keeps hitting the circle from afar Despite Baldwin’s attempts to close the gap (14-18). But the Whites finished explosively in the fourth division with Rudy’s three-pointer and Tavares’ 11 (14-25) another move for the upper hand.

Baskonia stayed in reserve and lost 12 (19-31) at the pace of a comfortably dominating Madrid in the worst domestic minutes. Spahija took a break and The locals’ reaction came with a 7-0 that put them in the game..

The moves of Fontecchio (10 points) and Baldwin (15 points) awakened the Vitorians. they reduced the rent to only five during the break (36-41) and still hopes to add his first victory of the semi-final.

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Baskonia is back in the game with Costello’s (17-25) three pointer but the rhythm and success of the game whites slowly taking over the game and the marker has grown for visitors (42-56).

Spahija paused the game again, trying to get his men back together, but the game was clearly in the hands of Madridreached a maximum of 15 (51-66) with an unstoppable Tavares. Baskonia’s most successful player, Baldwin, finished the quarter with 13 (53-66).

Vitoria’s last effort brought them closer to just five (64-69), but it was a short mirage because Deck and Hanga (66-81) trio reopened the lead and Madrid no longer had any trouble confirming the final pass (77-85).

Data sheet:

77 – Bitci Baskonia (14+22+18+24): Baldwin (26), Fontecchio (16), Giedraitis (6), Peters (9) and Enoch (2) -five starters-, Marinkovic (-), Wetzell (3), Granger (10) and Costello (5).

85-Real Madrid (25+16+25+19): Hanga (18), Causeur (14), Deck (17), Yabusele (2) and Tavares (23) – starting with five–, Nuñez (-), Poirier (8), Taylor (-) Randolph (-) and Rudy ( 3).

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Jordi Aliaga and Juan De Dios Oyón. Baldwin was eliminated due to personal fouls (min. 38). They showed Hanga (min.33) and Baldwin (min.38) the technique.

Events: The fifth semi-final match of the Endesa League was played in front of 9,748 spectators at the Fernando Buesa Arena in Vitoria. Before the start, a moment of silence was held for the Real Madrid coach, who had a heart attack and surgery two days ago. Both teams posed with a banner to support the coach from Vitoria.