Why Professional League teams leave with their club props

This weekend, on date 13 of the LPF Cup, there will be a well-deserved tribute to the silent workers of each club.

They are the first to arrive and the last to leave, both during training and during every match. They are responsible for ensuring that every player who enters the field of play, and the substitutes, have their clothing ready. That there are no missing balls, that the nets are in good condition, that no one goes without hydration. And as they celebrate their day this Friday, The Professional League will honor those silent workers: the props.

365Scoresthe app specialized in football statistics, together with the LPF, has decided to honor them with their names in the formations published on social networks before each match and each team will enter the field with the team of their club, so that they receive well-deserved recognition for their daily task.

“We work on all the details of Argentine football and therefore nothing represents us more than the work of the kit man. We want it to be a communal celebration and we invite everyone to participate in this tribute that they so deserve.” explained Ariel Benzaque, director of 365Scores.


The chosen day has to do with an event and a reference: on the one hand, the ‘Day of Tradition’ is celebrated in Argentina, in tribute to José Hernández, creator of Martín Fierro. And since their work is a tradition in football, they decided during a barbecue among colleagues in 2015 that this would be the date that would be highlighted.

Source: Goal


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