American ring girl showed seductive photo from Halloween 14:51

American ring girl Brooklyn Wren shared with her subscribers a seductive photo from a party dedicated to Halloween.

In the photo, the girl shows off her body by posing in a Playboy bunny outfit.

“She is absurdly beautiful. This is why I watch UFC fights, one follower wrote.

“Coolest girl at the party,” another user replied.

Khabib Nurmagomedov, Russian former fighter of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), in August 2021 statedThere is no need for ring girls in fights.

“Let’s do this, here are the ring girls. I don’t want to offend anyone, but this is the most unnecessary thing in martial arts. Alright, round two begins. All understanding people understand this. But these are the most useless people in the tournament. Are they improving the sport? Or are they helping people understand that there is a second round? What are they doing? Answer me. They are historically unnecessary people, that’s my personal opinion,” Khabib said.

Formerly wife of Evgeni Malkin posted a photo black underwear.

Source: Gazeta


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