Young player from Eldense 20 years old, Zaira Benitezwho is playing central and it’s coming Elda Prestigenew signature Handball Club Elche for next season.

Zaira Benitez Gomez (04/25/2002) In order to continue to add experience to his sports career, he took part in the Elche team after passing the Eldense team. this International player in subcategories with Guerreras Júnior He will join the franciverde team to offer offensive solutions to the team he trained. Joaquin Rocamora.

The new Elche player, being only 20 years old, has the hallmarks of the Handball Club model, with a lot of growth potential and a great ability to analyze the game on the pitch. Despite her youth, Zaira Benitez has a lot of experience. Since childhood, he has been part of the Valencia Community team and the sub-categories of the Spanish team.

The new center defender of the “Franjiverdes fighters” will add his first season as a professional to the highest category of Spanish women’s handball. After starting his career with Elda PrestigeThis track had a great season with the Eldense team, the winner of Group C. Promoted to Honor Silver Division and new Honor Division Oror the start of the Liga Guerreras-Iberdrola. Eldense center also contributed 104 goals and became the brains of the team.

Starting next season, Zaira Benitez will share a team with Franjiverdes Paula Bernabé, and recently added Morewith whom he shared junior spanish team Also, the Elche group is led by the coach of Joaquín Rocamora, which makes them a great combination of defense and offense who understand their defensive value and the offensive play of the “franchiverde fighters” for next season.

The new player of the Elche Handball Club, provides: “I’m really looking forward to facing this new challenge and continuing to grow and learn. And I’m so excited to be a part of this team.”

The group from Elche is configuring a cast of young actors with a lot of projection. The group from Elche will once again bet on the base. Unable to compete with other teams with greater economic potential, Elche set its sights on players who could exploit it and achieve massive growth in its ranks.