Ambition, competitive spirit and love for the quarry. These are the three pillars on which the philosophy of new HLA Alicante manager Rafa Monclova is based. The Sevilla coach is already working side by side with sports director Luis Arbalejo in the preparation of the new squad. The only two players with contracts for next season: Guillem Arcos and Pedro Llompart. More players will join them than last year’s team, but the club is in the process of examining all options as well as closing the budget for the next campaign that promises to be very competitive. Monclova has made it clear that he will never talk about goals beyond the next match, although Arbolejo has acknowledged this. the team must fight to stay in the ‘play-off’ and reach the ACB in the medium or long term.

During his official presentation, the Lucentian coach stated that he is part of the Alicante team competing in LEB Oro. “It’s a pleasure but also a responsibility for the club’s demand and history”.

The Sevilla coach, who replaced Gonzalo García de Vitoria, thanked the asset for its confidence and underlined the club’s desire to “make a leap in quality, rise and grow”.

“For me it was so easy to decide. HLA Alicante has grown from solidity and seriousness,” he said, and assured that he wanted their team to be “competitive and with an identity.”first league game and seeing the fans focus and identify with their team is something I have seen many times as a visitor here».

«We are ambitious because this club gives me room for growth, enthusiasm and ambition to go higher.», repeated the technician.

Monclova acknowledged that the time has come to plan the roster, and He said the club will look for players who “have a hunger and know what they’re coming for”.

“We didn’t talk about how many signatures would come, as the economic and personal issues weighed in. There was a very good squad last year but there is a managerial change and we need to see which players can serve us,” he added.

Monclova with the club’s sporting director Luis Arbalejo JOSE NAVARRO

Luis Arbalejo, the institution’s sporting director, praised Monclova’s past as a training coach and admitted that although he did not want to set goals, neither he nor the coach came to Alicante to fight for permanence.

«The league is getting higher and higher and I don’t want to talk about finishing fifth or eighth, but with this difference.Acknowledging that the club’s challenge is “to be in the ACB in the medium or long term,” the new head of the sporting field said.

Arbalejo admitted that there will be a large number of signings on the roster for next year as only Pedro Llompart and Guillem Arcos are under contract and the coach has only signed a one-year contract.

A new phase begins in Lucentum with maximum ambition in all its components.