Derby rose to the nth power. CD Tenerife and UD Las Palmas repeat their excellent Canary duel for the sixty-seventh time. If in itself there was always a carnival of passion, of colours, exuberance and heightened emotions, the one that started this Wednesday. heliodorus It offers all the ingredients and conditions to become one of the most relevant clashes in the history of island football. High voltage, maximum voltage.

The term has always been‘ but this time there is no room for exaggeration. No time for distraction. The winning team will begin to rise and there will only be two more matches (last draws) to land on football’s Olympus again; Whoever is defeated will surely wait for their holidays, stay in the Second Division and inflict a wound that is difficult to sew.

The classic returns stronger than ever. It does this back and forth, 180 minutes (or 210 if by extension), the opposite trajectories of its protagonists and the frenzy at two speeds. Las Palmas’ brilliant stasis makes them favorites – their position at the table and the certainty that they will win in the event of a draw – and Tenerife’s recent bearish trend puts them in the ideal setting to surprise them. As Ramis, his great leader, motivator and guarantor, ‘concrete football’ He is the first person to be promoted by the Blue and Whites since 2017.

It will also be a style duel, as Tenerife practices a martial art; and Las Palmas, the great virtue of the touch game. Very great football players will face each other on the field – there are special names called. be first soon– and two technicians on the bench who predict a long and successful career. But first and foremost it’s a hobby game. Long queues of deadlines, two gala venues (Wednesday and Saturday), atmosphere from the first minute and an entire archipelago waiting and waiting to unravel this double derby with everything.

There is no point in comparing it with the classics in other latitudes. There are hobbies that the sea separates; and they converge on the classical occasion, but without merging. On the one hand, chicharreros, looking to reinvigorate the laurels, are republishing and claiming long-awaited times like UEFA. lead role What they have in the two leagues that Madrid left; clinging to one another, heirs to street football and staunch defenders of the quarry they once again carry as their seal and flag.

Everything comes extremely fast and without any break, four days in a row to dream of promotion to the First Division and victory over the loyal enemy and a close neighbor. Double reward for a full duel. The most important derby in history has the date, time, heroes and a prepared tickets“, the duel of styles, dedicated fans, and the perfect setting for the promotional phase to shine and shine in its own light. All over Spain. The essential is missing. reigns on this side of the Atlantic. Molowy, Martin Marrero, Guedes, Valeron, Silva, Pedro and Pedri. The Canary Islands, where the teams in the First Division were orphaned, took the stage with its derby and football and took its place in the Disneyland of football.