A year later, the wish of the mayor of Alicante, luis barcala, Hercules’ disturbing feature has been significantly reduced. Last year, after the blue-and-white team fell into the fourth category of Spanish football, the first mayor went so far that he said his owners had “no credibility”, referring to his ability to lead. this reduced the depth of his speech to coincide with a smaller influx of people into the protest. Enrique Ortiz which took place on sunday morning.

The first authority of the capital, 24 hours after manifestation gathered in Plaza del Ayuntamiento about 600 fans Angry with the builder, he limited himself to showing his “solidarity” to the “disappointment and anger” of his followers, but for the reasons that motivated this feeling, he limited himself to asking, rather than amply presenting himself with a section of the social audience. Who controls the majority stake? since 1999 To build a “project that puts Hercules where he needs to be”. For the political leader of the PP, “one thing is the club, the other is the feeling of Hercules.”

On this occasion, Barcala low profile When asked about this issue after the turmoil and dust that raised direct accusations of the way the founder of Grupo Ortiz and his then-incumbent partner ran his club, Juan Carlos Ramirez. The ordeal of the team owner, who gave the club keys to Consistory just as they wanted him to be responsible for the club’s survival, stifled a spark from one possible serious fire to the next. a firework. In another large public institution, Committee The province ensures that it does not have any decision-making authority in this regard and transfers the responsibility to the municipality. generalitatIt is directly linked to Hércules through the ownership of José Rico Pérez pending a court order deciding who is the lessor and who is the tenant.