five exits and four points added to them. Negative balance: Three defeats, one draw and one away win; On the first day of the course in Cartagena, which is already far away. Deportivo failed to win the month and sit just one point above the relegation zone. It’s time to step up. The Eldense league, which had to leave at the end of the course within the scope of professional football, is played on its home ground and starts this Sunday at an unusual time: two in the afternoon. It is very likely that no official match was played on the centenary date while the country was having lunch.

Eldense will play three home games over the next four days, the first two of which are consecutive against Real Oviedo and Real Valladolid, culminating at Nuevo Pepico Amat with the visit of Elche on October 15. Three events to go strong in the shoemaking city, although the presence of rivals, all historic, does not make them the best possible foes to add to the division of victories falling to two in the first seven dates.


Only one clean sheet in the first 7 days

► Eldense kept a clean sheet on the opening day in Cartagena, averaging over 2 per game for the rest of the season.

If Eldense can replicate the power, control and intensity he showed against Eibar in football’s return to Nuevo Pepico Amat following his surge in June, the team Fernando Estevez He will have serious options to distance himself from the field below.

On the other hand, if the weakness in the last month of the League continues, they will have a bad course in the league. The Blaugranas have kept only one clean sheet so far this season. Then the average is not encouraging at all: More than two goals conceded per match. In such a case, only an unusual success rate from a recently promoted person (who has the seventh-lowest salary cap) can prevent a chain reaction of setbacks.

That was the case until last Saturday. Eldense had an efficiency on par with First League leaders Barça and higher than Real Madrid. He celebrated every second shot between the three bats. But this is a quality that will not last long. In Ciutat de València, opposite Levante, shot several times throughout the gameSo either the goals stop flowing or the future becomes blurry.