Tax Administration seized a former football player’s flat on the Costa del Sol Predrag Mijatovic and his wife Anetapay a debt owed by the old progressive ValenciaHE real Madrid And I grew up in the state treasury with a value exceeding 750,000 eurosAccording to information consulted by EFE in the Property Register.

About An apartment of just over 120 square meters and a terrace of 43 square meters, It is located in the Los Granados de Cabopino residential complex, in the municipality of Mijas, but on the border with Marbella, next to the port and the protected Cabopino beach.

The house, worth 613 thousand 400 euros, will go to auction soon.It has a starting price of just over 360,000 euros, with a mortgage charge on it in favor of Banco Popular, the successor to BBVA, against the main loan of 460,000 euros.

Tax Administration Montenegrin player fined for not fulfilling tax obligations For not declaring 190,000 euros and not paying them to the state treasury.

Mijatovic admitted before the judge that he defrauded the Spanish Treasury and reached a compliance agreement in mid-2019 in which it agreed to pay. sentenced to a fine of approximately €250,000 and twelve months’ imprisonment in exchange for avoiding going to trial.

The former football player and his wife, who married into the public domain, bought the confiscated house when the former football player was in the best period of his career, and under these conditions it will serve to meet the demands of the Treasury.

Mijatovic agreed to pay in Madrid court in 2019 A total fine of 248 thousand 501 euros for defrauding the Treasury in the 2011, 2013 and 2014 financial years.