With all the staff and technical team On the green of the Santiago Bernabeu stadiumwhere the white team does their epic work, most real Madrid enjoyed another magical nightto share the end of the season with every follower with the fans filling the stands conquest of the fourteenth Champions League.

Singing Carlo Ancelotti’s anthem with the embrace of the football players, excited farewell Marceloblanket includedAfter a long day of dances, jokes and parties, the Real Madrid celebration was up. Nothing was missing.

On a large stage with a giant screen in the middle of the white arena’s grass, the actors still showing signs of renovation were introduced one by one. In the middle of the sound and light show, the names were announced via the announcement system. carlo ancelotti he was the first to reach the platform, then his team. The best was left for last. Thibaut Courtois, Luka Modric, Karim Benzemabecame the most acclaimed name by his followers. Captain Marcelo was the last person to hold the trophy.

Excited, in tears, the player with the most championships in history was embraced by other teammates. returns to the playground, Photos on the field with the trophy in the sky and the trophy They brightened up.

It was the end of a busy evening where the Real Madrid team got a fantastic response from their people. The Santiago Bernabeu stadium was the culmination of the long party where the ‘Champions’ Cup was awarded on Sunday. the fourteenth passed through the most symbolic zonesIt is mostly identified with the history of Real Madrid.

The celebration had passion and atmosphere. Light, sound. nostalgic moments like Marcelo’s farewell and Good intentions like Eden Hazard’s. And the promise of the fifteenth.

The celebration brought together the achievements of European competition and Thirty-fifth League, previously closed by Real Madrid and whose party was postponed to the Champions League final. However, the enthusiasm Real Madrid unleashed stemmed from the continental tournament. The way he achieved success, the route, caused the fans to be upset. It was one of the most celebrated.

The Bernabeu was the final meeting point. Final tribute to the team that came after dressing up goddess Cybele with white colors. Hours ago, thousands of people waited there. The players and the technical staff put aside the suits of the corporate movements and dressed in white.. With a commemorative jersey at the Fourteen ‘Champions’.

As always, a giant screen platform and stage were set up around Cibeles, just like in the League championship celebrations in the past days, and the players and the technical team got off the bus one by one. “Champions, Champions!” chants for madridists who gathered to enjoy the celebration.

Some of them were there the night before, after the final whistle of the game the field was packed with fans. came to join in the collective joy Where Real Madrid’s achievements are traditionally celebrated.

The person in charge of dressing the goddess Cibeles in a scarf and the club’s flag was Brazilian Marcelo, who lived this Sunday with a special feeling. This is his last celebration as a Real Madrid football player and therefore he bids farewell with a kiss from the goddess. With her, Vinicius, Ancelotti, Alaba, Kroos and Courtois were encouraged to sing along with the fans. And Hazard’s word came in, he wanted to leave a message of optimism: “I’ve been here for three years and I’ll give my all for you next year,” he said to the love of his teammates and the applause of the fans. fans who want Ballon d’Or for Benzema.


Real Madrid celebrates the 14th European Cup with Whites fans.

In Cibeles, the players recaptured the spontaneity involved in the previous official acts where the day started. this Visit Almudena Cathedral and flirting headquarters Community of Madrid and City Council They stood still at the beginning of the movement.

The presentation of the achievements to the Virgen de la Almudena was the first stop of the white caravan. Hundreds of people gathered behind the security line. this separated them from their idols.

“This has been a triumph of effort. This group of players is a reference and an example for boys and girls around the world. This team and their coaching staff are above all a wonderful family. All of them have an enormous capacity for work and sacrifice, which has led us to become what we are and represent. “We all share the same sentiment that serves to make these joys happen all over the world,” said Florentino Pérez, president of the white team.

After completing a 13-minute ride from the Almudena Cathedral with fans filling the streets, Real Madrid stopped at the Community of Madrid’s headquarters. The President was waiting for her as a stewardess, Isabel Diaz-AyusoHe was the one to watch the Champions League final in Paris on Saturday, where the white team beat Liverpool 1-0.

Ayuso taken from Marcelo A commemorative jersey for the “Champions” finale with “1” and “Díaz Ayuso” on the backdid not hesitate to wear it. Marcelo confirmed that the match in Paris was his last game in the white team’s jersey. People replied with a message “Marcelo, stay!”

“I am happy to thank and present both trophies this season. Thanks also to the Community of MadridHe said it was a wonderful city and we really enjoyed living in it.

Today is a day when we are all happy for a job well done. It is time to value what has been achieved during one of the most beautiful and difficult times in our history. Five Champions Leagues in eight years will be very hard for anyone to forget. We have come to this point with the motto ‘Real Madrid never gives up’. Now, for the fifteenth,” he finished.

After the ensemble, the expedition went to Madrid City Hall, where the corporate proceedings were concluded. Mayor Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida acted as master of ceremonies without forgetting that its colors are those of Atlético de Madrid.

“You’ve won all eight of the last eight finals you’ve played. How complicated do you make it for those of us who are not from Real Madrid. This is the European Cup. What all the qualifiers mean will remain in the memory of all Madrid fans.Especially when someone like Benzema who wins absolutely everything against PSG goes to steal the ball from the goalkeeper,” he continued.

He stopped the formalities with a visit to the Town Hall to direct the conversation directly with the fans. The staff left the bus to use it. Tour the streets in an open-top bus transported to Cibles and then to the Bernabeu, where the team received the warmth of the fans and the reaction of the players of the public.