Manchester City broke the Champions League record with 23:18

English “Manchester City” hosts Serbian “Crvena Zvezda” in the first round match of the Champions League group stage. At the end of the 56th minute, the score was 1:1.

Among the guests, Osman Bukari scored a goal. The English scored a goal from Julian Alvarez.

Manchester City players took 22 shots during the half, seven of which found the target. This figure was a record in the history of the Champions League. The previous best result came from Germany’s Bayern Munich in 2013; 21 shots against Czech club Victoria (Pilsen).

In the 2022/23 season, Manchester City, led by Guardiola, achieved the so-called treble – the “citizens” won three trophies at once. They were winners of the English Premier League (EPL), won the FA Cup and also won the Champions League.

Guardiola took over as manager of Manchester City after leaving Bayern in 2016. During his time in the City camp, the specialist won the Premier League five times.

A fan base before rush in To the hotel where Ronaldo was staying.

Source: Gazeta


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