carlo ancelottitechnician real Madriddespite being “very optimistic” in life, “I didn’t think” he could win three titles when Madrid returns to the bench and be the most successful coach Champions League with the conquest fourteenth.

“It’s been an incredible season, no one expected it, even I who was very optimistic didn’t think we could achieve this feat by winning three competitions. I will never be grateful enough for what these players have done‘ he said at a press conference.

Of the four ‘Champions’ he has won, two with AC Milan and two with Real Madridmarked tonight as his win against Liverpool in Paris. “the most difficult”for the agony of the qualifiers and the final at the Stade de France.

“This Champions League was the hardest thing I’ve ever won, but it helped us because no one thought we could win. It was a commitment and a challenge to the team. We’ve managed to create a great atmosphere that adds to the quality of the players that make the difference.. We’ve suffered a lot from the last 16 rounds, but we never gave up.”

Grateful to all his players, two particularly highlighted Thibaut Courtois Y vinicius. “I am happy for Thibaut that he won his first Champions League. I told him I would take you to the final and you would win. He did it, he won the final.”

“The only thing I helped with Vinícius was to give him the confidence he needed. After the holidays he didn’t play at first and then he always played. Where it has improved, the goal has been in the activity before it, the rest has not changed at all. because dribbling was always very effective. one more year with Benzema helped you. I’m happy because she put the icing on the cake. He had a great season and a great finale.”

Italian coach came to the fore as the key to success “good atmosphere” of the dressing room and once again thanked him for the opportunity he took to get Real Madrid back on track.

“It’s easier to win the Champions League with Real Madrid than with another team. His fans are special, the structure of the club makes him special. I’m very happy to have won four Champions, but the happiness of coming back and having a great season is even greater. I will never stop thanking the President and José Ángel for their call. I would also like to thank the players for the good atmosphere they have created.”

“I was left with the good atmosphere we have in the team, it’s amazing. I’ve had a career for many years and sometimes it’s hard to create that atmosphere in a dressing room with an ego. Managing non-players is not easy and I prefer the convenience of coaching this team.. Today the locker room was quiet until the match was postponed. I was the most nervous. I entered a room so that the actors would not lose their incredible calm. It gives the date. “Winning eight finals in a row is incredible.”