The start of the Champions League final between LLiverpool and Real Madrid Postponed to 21:36 due to problems with the entrance of the nearby Stade de France. ParisAccording to UEFA.

Information was given and communicated to the audience one hour before the start of the meeting, originally scheduled at 21:00 (GMT 19:00 GMT).

At first we were told the delay would be 15 minutes.however, the problems continued after this time and although a planned time was not given, it was assured that it would be greater.

Most of the stands of the Stade de France, which hosted around 80,000 spectators, were empty at that time.

There were some incidents with the fans around the stadium. and police warned of several attempts to improperly breach the perimeter of the stadium.

According to police sources, some fans broke through the security lane and entered the area reserved for people with ticketsThis, in turn, caused incidents and led to the reinforcement of fans’ records.

Because of this, it slowed down access to the stadium. Most of the empty seats were in the area where the Liverpool fans were.