With Roberto Bautista He has lacked rhythm after seven weeks without playing an official match and defeating Bernabé Zapata in his first match last Wednesday. David Ferrer He preferred Albert Ramos, who was on the list due to his resignation. Carlos Alcarazto measure yourself davis cup Serbian number 2, Laslo Djere.

Last year, the match between the two rivals at La Fonteta resulted in the victory of the Spaniard, but this time the Serbian leader earned his country the first point of the day before the match between Djokovic and Davidovich.

Although he had difficulty winning his first serve, Ramos managed to level the score at 2-2 at the beginning of the match. However The Catalan player was surprised in the fifth game and Djere’s break was decisive in deciding the first set.As no one gave up serve until the score reached 4-6 in favor of the Serb.

As the Djokovic match approached, the crowds filling up at La Fonteta tried to cheer up the Barcelona player, while David Ferrer asked him to stay calm and not give up on him.

Except last year Ramos had previously beaten Djere in another match (in Marrakesh in 2017) and appeared to regain his confidence as he opened the set without any problems. To continue his serve without threatening his opponent’s serve.

The equality continued until 3-3 in the second set, and although he had two chances to close the game by serving, Djere, playing on the line at the decisive moments, forced Ramos’ mistake and made the score 3-4..

The match was going uphill and Ramos could no longer turn the tide against Djere, who did not lose any games on his serve and closed the duel with a point blank game, making the final score 6-4, 6-4. .

Thus, Spain finds itself on the ropes ahead of the duel between Davidovich and Djokovic. Another defeat would eliminate Spain, leaving the final doubles and Sunday’s game against South Korea worthless..