Karpin said young players should make mistakes 06:31

Speaking about the large number of foreign defenders in the Russian Premier League (RPL), Valery Karpin, head coach of the Russian national team and Rostov, said that not every coach will trust young players when there is an opportunity to sign a contract with a more experienced player. foreign player. Words lead the way “Sports Express”.

“Stability in the defensive position is important and stability is a utopia for young players. They still have to make their mistakes. If a young forward makes a mistake it is okay, but if a young defender makes a mistake it is a problem,” said Karpin.

On September 7, Russia drew with the Egyptian Olympic team. The meeting ended with a score of 1:1. Bilal Mazhar opened the score right at the beginning of the match. At halftime, Stepan Hovhannisyan evened the score. On September 11, the Egyptian Olympic team and the Russian team will play a rematch in Suez. On September 12, Russia will face Qatar in Doha.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) and the Association of European Football Associations (UEFA) have decided that in the spring of 2022 the Russian national team and all Russian clubs will be banned from participating in all competitions controlled by these organizations.

Former famous trainer announcedWhy are we happy with the draw in the match between Russia and Egypt?

Source: Gazeta


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