Real Madrid, champion. Barça, Atlético and Sevilla Champions. Betis and Real Sociedad, Europa League. Villarreal to the Conference League. And Granada, Levante and Alavés, Second. A new edition of LaLiga has come to an end and this a few surprises at the top and some surprises in the end zone your table.

In practice, it was enough to consult here to know ahead of time how the 2021/22 LaLiga season will end at the top of the table. list of revenue budgets from clubs. As a spoiler, he offered one table and the other almost exact matches in the top nine positions.

We must begin with an important caveat, because Who budgeted the highest turnover FC Barcelona (765 million euros) and, as it is known, the winner of the championship was Real Madrid (695). But the data is a gimmick, as Joan Laporta added to her revenue estimate some rather optimistic deals yet to be made regarding the transfer of players and the sale of some of the other club assets such as Barça Studios.

In short, this top-of-the-line mismatch doesn’t obscure the reality LaLiga has presented this season: the one with the most money is the higher one On the table. This way, third place was Atletico (estimated around 400 million without official data) and fourth place was Sevilla (226). In different order, the same four teams that qualified for the Champions League with their league success last year.

Moreover Three other clubs that bought tickets to Europe repeat compared to last season: Betis (144), Real Sociedad (136, although figure has been revised downwards) and Villarreal (139). And in eighth place finished Athletic (136), which is framed in the same income bracket as the three clubs that preceded it in the classification.

From this position, there is a jump in scores in the classification, which is also reflected in the budgets. After Athletic (55 points), Valencia (48), which has estimated revenue of 104 million, comes in 30 to 40 less than prominent clubs. With Except for Espanyol, which could not make its 80 million income profitable. Partly due to the shaky end of the season, Osasuna (70) and Celta (72) fall behind in the budget hierarchy of the top 11 in the standings.

This is from this position when the equines are precisely bouncing in the air. The difference in points between 12th and 18th place was only four points.indicating that the order between them is determined by the finally small details. These seven clubs, apart from the aforementioned Espanyol, are moving from Getafe’s 62 to Elche’s 51 with a margin of just 11 million euros.


In this episode, a very rare fact is surprising: Three clubs promoted last season (Espanyol, Mallorca and Rayo) They achieved their goal of keeping the category, something that hasn’t happened since the 2017/18 seasons.. And out of them, only the Balearic team are really in trouble, rescuing themselves on the last day after winning Osasuna and taking advantage of Granada’s puncture.

The definitive disruptors of the economic order are the last two classics of the course. This i grew up Dropped to second place with 14th budget category income and most Alaves with 11.. But it only takes a little scratching at the economic information LaLiga provides to observe a pattern.

Taking Barça out of the equation, Levante and Alavés have the lowest salary cap in the category at €34m for Valencians and €42m for Basques. Both paid more than that figure, but their bad digestion of the pandemic prevented them from empowering themselves with the freedom that other teams enjoyed.

Certainly, economic reasons are not sufficient to explain the outcome of competition. Success in signings, coaches’ changes (good and bad), and luck are other arguments that have maximum impact. But it should never be forgotten that money is the strongest player in this sport called football. It remains proven. Once again.