Beginnings in the realms are not easy. Sometimes they can be misleading. In Qatar it was for Argentina. And you never have to rely on an outlet. The Spanish team, measured against Zambia in the second match of the group stage, which started with a hard and comfortable defeat against Japan, knows this very well. Ivan Andres And Athena del CastilloParticipating in the media from the concentration at Palmerston North focused on exactly this, but stressed that “this is more due to the merits of Japan than their own faults, as they read the game so well and canceled the Zambia game completely”.

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“Our next two opponents are completely opposite to each other in their strengths and weaknesses,” the Real Madrid defender analyzed, “They will be tough matches, we already knew, we will have to play our own game with each but with nuances”.

About Zambia, whose rivals are unknown as a group, but which are in the F League, the striker, who reached the World Cup in good time after a somewhat erratic season in terms of sports, explained that he “works to be a better player every day” and that “I am happy when I’m here”, “it is a team that stands out with their transitions”. kundananji And Tape” and “we haven’t done the video watching and analysis of the opponent yet, but we are watching the friendlies and the first match against Japan and it will not be easy”.

“We’re going to have to be very careful with the lookout, because our style is used to playing most of the game on the opposite court and at least one of the two defenders will need to be more stable on our court,” the captain added.


One of the main points that needs to be improved after the debut is the goal front success, which is one of the most repeated topics in the press conference. “It’s true that we had a lot of chances and it’s true that creating them is already a positive thing for us, it would be more worrying if we didn’t but we had a competitor closing in front of us and it was difficult to break through that wall,” he said. Ivana“We need to develop these connections for the next game.”

“The team knows where they need to focus to improve,” he said. Athena Along the same lines, “We’re going to try to do that, the hardest thing was to produce and we succeeded, so the ball will go in”.


The team has concentrated for over a month – between seventeen days stays in Benidorm, Las Rozas, Denmark and New Zealand – and it’s been a special experience. The World Cup is held in the Antipodes region of Spain, and many players have been able to be with loved ones who have traveled there at some point. “It’s a plus to have them here, it’s very important to be able to have those little disconnects with your loved ones, they are a big support in your daily life and in matches,” he explained. Athena.

When asked about the cold, humid and windy weather in New Zealand, the Cantabrian winger made several laugh at the press conference, answering in a playful tone: “Call me weird…but I love this weather. Because I’m from the north of Spain and I prefer that to the heat you can’t run”.

And to finish Ivana They explained what they do in their spare time to disconnect: “We have a game room with table football, billiards, card games… there’s a nice river for a walk next to it, we’re distracted”.