Former Liverpool captain calls British PM Johnson a charlatan

Former Liverpool captain Jamie Carragher has commented on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s words of support for Scottish Rangers against Germany’s Eintracht Frankfurt ahead of the Europa League final.

“A lot of water has flown under the bridge since the Rangers last played in a game of this scale. It’s a huge reward for fans who believe in this team. Our teams are performing at the highest level. It’s good for the sport of Great Britain and our state. I’m sure we’re all proud of it,” Johnson said. You’re going to give us a reason to hear.”

“This charlatan needs a router because he has no idea about Rangers or the Europa League,” Carragher said on social networks.

The final match will be played in Sevilla. The starting whistle of the teams will sound at 22:00 Moscow time.

The meeting will be served by the Slovenian referee team headed by Slavko Vincic. It will be supported by assistants Andraz Kovacic and Tomaž Klančnik. Fourth referee – Srdjan Jovanovic.

Formerly Eintracht and Rangers announced cadres to the Europa League final.

Source: Gazeta


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