Russian skater Zagitova celebrates her 20th birthday on a massive digital scoreboard in Tokyo

Happy birthday greetings to Russian skater Alina Zagitova appeared on the streets of Tokyo.

Today, May 18, Zagitova celebrates her 20th birthday. The Japanese capital congratulated the athlete on a huge digital scoreboard.

At the 2019 World Championships held in Saitama, Japan, the Russian won the gold medal in single skating.

In addition to the gold of the World Championship, Zagitova has a medal of the highest standard of the Olympic Games and the European Championship.

The skater missed the 2020 and 2021 competitions, but hasn’t announced his retirement since. In February of this year, Zagitova was captained in the Channel One Cup team tournament, which the Red Machine team won.

In 2020, Zagitova hosted Ice Age.

Former 2002 Olympic champion Elena Berezhnaya refused to name Alina Zagitova is Russia’s greatest figure skater.

“This is noisy. There are many great skaters in the world. The biggest is Irina Rodnina, and everything else is everything else, ”Berezhnaya said.

Source: Gazeta


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