The series ‘Los Audios de Anil’, a private conversation where the president of Valencia CF talks about all kinds of issues that can decide the short-term future of the club, and SUPERDEPORTE, a media organization belonging to the same broadcast group, talks about it. newspaper, had access, It also has sections that refer to sports planning. Indeed, the club, which recently defended the figure of theoretical sports director Miguel Ángel Corona, is led by a president who does not trust the work of such professionals.


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The sporting director issue has been one of the debates in Valencia for years, especially after the departure of Mateu Alemany. For Murthy, coaches “spend on their own egos” and sporting directors “have two-year contracts and bet on everything without putting their money”The president also stated that “there is no sports director in the strategic plan”.

“They always find work. A world where people talk about professionals. One day I said that they are not the smartest, they are smart enough to spend other people’s money, they know how to manage their money in their bank.. If I tell them, you can spend 40 million, bring me the players and let’s win the Champions League, if anyone can do that, it’s God.” Murthy reasoned about sporting directors. He added that there is “no sports director” or “coach” who can do that. “Do you know where this was done? in Germany. The PSV coach now has a budget of 40 million, even his salary was there, he was competing in the Conference League, everything,” he explained.