Skier Stepanova turned to Christiansen, who was shocked by her speech at the meeting with Putin

Russian skier Veronika Stepanova addressed the Olympic champion of the 2022 Games in the relay, biathlete of the Norwegian national team Vetle Shosta Kristiansen.

Recall that the 21-year-old Russian woman gave a speech at a meeting of the Olympians with President Vladimir Putin, in which she thanked the head of state for the development of the sport and the country. christiansen declaration after that: “I think Stepanova’s performance was shocking.”

“Vette, were you on the right track?! But something went wrong in your destiny, right? Don’t worry, I’ll get you a wonderful sled bear from Kamchatka,” wrote Stepanova. telegraph channelBy adding text to a photo that shows that Norwegians are not afraid to wear a T-shirt that used to be a portrait of Putin.

Stepanova is the youngest champion in the history of cross-country skiing at the Olympic Games. She won the gold medal in the relay race as part of the Russian team at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

On February 28, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) addressed the international sports federations and recommended that they not allow domestic and Belarusian athletes to participate in any competitions.

Later, the International Ski Federation (FIS) decided to exclude Russian and Belarusian athletes from international competitions until the end of this season.

Former five-time Olympic champion, Norwegian biathlete Johannes Boe commented Ceremony honoring Russian Olympians in the Kremlin.

Source: Gazeta


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