An exhibition of football and offensive power real Madrid Saving the feelings faced by the Champions League final, doomed to landing i grew up five years later to LaLiga SmartBank a painful duel champion before the stormThe day Vinícius scored his first hat-trick and Benzema became the second top scorer in white club history.

featured duel the suffering of a Levante to survive He is the player who reacted late in the season to Real Madrid’s search for tension that could not pass out or hurt Liverpool. After the Metropolitan’s franchise, he took on a destructive identity. It buried the slightest hint of Levantine hope in a delightful first act. To the rhythm of Luka ModricThe one who delivers three assists and interprets football with a never-ending mastery. For many years to come.

And Alessio Lisci wanted to protect himself from the very beginning. With three central defenders and five defenses against a saved Real Madrid, carlo ancelotti recovering the trident he won to become an anthem at the end of the campaign. Benzema44 goals in 44 matches; Rodrygo, the top scorer with seven goals in eight games; and a Vinícicus who must reconnect with the target.

your initiatives show pride José Luis Morales At the start, the last belief of a player who did everything to save his team from falling into hell, turned into an unstoppable attack of Madrid in seconds. The time it took for Modric to emerge and start inventing. Cut the heel and cross the gap in Mendy’s run, penalizing the space left by Cárdenas, giving him time to think before choosing the shot and the entire lane is empty.

It was the only serious mistake made by a goalkeeper who scored six points and was the best on his team. Shot on goal up to 16. He faced players who were hungry for goals. It’s always a reference to Benzema, who was able to doom his right hand to a tight duel a quarter of an hour later, before Fede Valverde collapsed the first of two incidents in writing.

Real Madrid was a pure fit. Levante ran after the shadows without reacting.. And less when Vinícius ramps up the pace of the game. With a ‘deli’ left the duo on a platter for Mendy, Cárdenas avoided. When LaLiga’s golden tie resurfaced and the Brazilian placed a plate for Benzema in the mouth of the goal to match the legendary Raúl’s 323 goals with a header, he could do nothing.

The descent was already a reality and There were enough agonizing 70 minutes left for all of Levante’s mistakes throughout the season to go through the players’ heads and affect the game. Son managed to bring back a glimmer of hope with a near-pole shot after a madridista defensive mismatch. It was a mirage.

In the offensive phase, it was easy for Ancelotti’s team to create extremely dangerous acts with the precision of a surgeon. Cardenas against all. Responding to a shot from ‘Vini’, parrying Valverde’s whip hit enough to push the crossbar, but was ‘shot’ by Rodrygo after he dribbled his opponents and of course hooked up with Modric.

Lisci’s plan failed and he reacted with a double change that brought nothing. Renunciation of populated defense. Campaña’s entrance and Bardhi looking for the football passing by. It was imposed by Modric, who left his third assist for Vinícius’ goal on the verge of burying a drought approaching two months.

There is no date left for the second half, which would not be played if Levante could pick the players. Real Madrid took their foot off the fast, Ancelotti made many changes with less regular minutes and nevertheless scored six goals as Vinícius insisted his first trio of a season confirm his evolution against goal.

Karim danced before being replaced, one-on-one, to return ‘Vini’ glued to the ball into the goal and increase the goals scored between the two to 19. And seven from the end, he closed his big night by cutting right and defining left. After the terrible fall was over, Levante could no longer feel anything, he sank into his own reality.

Data sheet:

6 – Real Madrid: Courtois; Lucas Vázquez, Nacho (Gila, m.82), Vallejo, Mendy; Camavinga, Fede Valverde (Kroos, m.75), Modric (Peter, m.75); Rodrygo (Mariano, m.62), Vinícius and Benzema (Jovic, m.75).

0 – Upgrade: Snowdens; Miramón, Róber Pier (Vezo, m.77), Postigo, Cáceres (Campaña, m.39), Son; Pepelu, Radoja (Bardhi, art.39), Melero (Cantero, art.57); Dani Gómez (Roger, art. 57) and José Luis Morales.

Goals: 1-0, art.13: Mendy. 2-0, art.19: Benzema. 3-0, m.34: Rodrygo. 4-0, m.45: Vinicius. 5-0, m.68: Vinicius. 6-0, art.83: Vinicius.

Judge: Adrián Cordero Vega (Cantabrian School). He warned Camavinga (43) and Modric (69) for Real Madrid; and Roger (65) for Levante.

Events: The match, which coincided with the thirty-sixth day of LaLiga Santander, was played at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in front of 38,421 spectators.