Boxer Drozd told Alvarez that the judges helped him in the duel with Bivol.

Russian boxer Grigory Drozd commented on the victory of Dmitry Bivol in the fight with Saul Alvarez. DEA News”.

“Alvarez never hit Bivola in a big way. Is the score 115-113 right? No, Alvarez pulled over the ears, 117-111 would have been more realistic,” Drozd said.

Recall that Bivol retained the belt in the final fight against Alvarez. The fight lasted all 12 rounds and ended with a unanimous decision of the judges of the 31-year-old representatives of Russia – 115-113, 115-113, 115-113 victory. This fight for Bivol placed third in defense of the title of world super champion according to the World Boxing Association (WBA).

Yuri Bivol, previously the father of Russian boxer Dmitry Bivol, declarationHe said that Saul Alvarez will not play a rematch with his son.

“I’ll tell you on my own: Alvarez will never go to the rematch. I don’t believe there will be a second fight. Alvarez is a smart man,” said Bivol Sr.

Source: Gazeta


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