PSV suspends the entry for 40 years to the fan who touched Dmitrovic

The fan is serving three months in club jail, although one of them is suspended.

Something that should never happen on a football field or at a sporting event happened in the stadium of PSV Eindhoven during the round of 16 of the Europa League between the Dutch team and Sevilla. A spectator jumped onto the field and attacked Sevilla goalkeeper Dmitrovic. A few weeks later, the Everidisie team punished this fan in an exemplary manner.

And it is that PSV acted hard against the fan who attacked the Sevilla player and was killed by the goalkeeper himself. The club from the Netherlands has been banned from entering the Philips Stadium for the next 40 years, a sanction added to the three months he is serving in prison, one of which is conditional, and ordered by that country’s Public Prosecution Service around the stadium.

The Dutch club itself says via its Twitter account: “The man who entered the field during PSV – Sevilla FC and attacked the Spanish goalkeeper will no longer be welcome in the Philips Stadium for the next forty years”.

It should be remembered that, as the game went into stoppage time, a fan jumped onto the pitch from the stands and attacked Dmitrovic from behind. “He pushed me from behind. Probably angry with the result. He was definitely a bit crazy and drunk,” the goalkeeper said in statements to television after the game.

The same Serbian goalkeeper restrained the attacker until security forces arrived to take him off the pitch. Surprisingly, the referee allowed play to continue. The Dutch scored the second goal, but there was no time for more.

Source: Goal


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