The controversies of Atlético de Madrid vs. Valencia of the 2022-2023 league

In the minute 29 of the opposing party Athletic from Madrid and to valencia there has been a controversial move. Valencia is tied through Hugo Duro. Immediately, the entire rojiblanco team and the Metropolitan public protested against an earlier foul committed by Foulquier on Memphis Depay, near the Valencia region.

Follow with us everything that happens in Atlético de Madrid vs. valencia

Play continued and Valencia scored, but VAR called Munuera Montero, who had conceded a goal and, after consulting the action on the monitor, declared the goal null and void and the free kick whistled in Atlético’s favour.

This is the movie of the facts. We see the offense against Memphis and how the counterche ends in a goal.

As soon as the ball entered Atlético’s goal, the whole bench stood up and asked for a review of the game.

The decision to cancel Hugo Duro’s goal sparked protests from the Valencian players and their coach Rubén Baraja.

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