Summary of Ponferradina vs. Alaves Second Division 2022-2023: video, goals and statistics

A goal from Hugo Vallejo gives Ponfe the three points against Deportivo Alavés

The ponferradinawhich had not won since the beginning of January, 1-0 Alaven and he has infected his audience with hopes of a rescue that now seems a little closer.

All the details of the Ponferradina vs. Second Division Alaven

that of The Toralinhas been a very even match, much more even than what the standings indicated. Desperate for points, La Ponfe knows she has to add three to three and came prepared not to speculate despite the fact that there was an entire candidate for promotion in front of her.

Therefore, the game was a give and take from the start. If there’s one word that defines the first 45 minutes, it’s balance. The opportunities were not plentiful, but the intent to hurt the rival was.

In the second part, the Alaven He came prepared to force the machine and soon began to create chances. The clearest had it Miguel. The balance was unbalanced on Vitoria’s side, but any change in the minute 66 when Hugo Vallejo He was right when he overtook Ponferradina. From then on, Alavés went on the attack with everything and chances followed each other, so close that it looked like a 2-0 draw.

In that carousel of comings and goings, the keepers showed off and the marker didn’t move. The three points stayed home. The fans left the stadium trusting in the miracle of the rescue and Alavés left empty handed, losing steam in their fight for promotion to the first division.

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Summary of Ponferradina vs. Alaves Second Division 2022-2023: video, goals and statistics

End in Ponferrada. 1-0 victory for Ponferradina over Alavés.

Minute 90. Four added.

Minute 84. Paradón de Sivera. To Yuri who succumbs to Naranjo and his shot is blocked by the Alavés goalkeeper.

Minute 83. Shot deflected from Villalibre.

Minute 80. Good save from Amir on a shot by Guridi that he had received from Rioja. It fits all Alaves.

Minute 74. Alave’s chance. Shot from Toni Moya, which deflects Espiau for a corner kick.

Minute 71. And again the Ponfe. Espiau concedes to Hugo Vallejo who is chasing the long post, but Duarte crosses well to dodge his shot and send a corner kick.

Minute 68. The second is ready. Deep ball for Derik who dissolves with a vaseline but Sivera stops well.

Minute 66. Gooooool! from Ponferradina. Goal by Hugo Vallejo coming out of a corner kick. The surprise jumps in El Toralín. 1-0 for Ponfe.

Minute 60. Dangerous free kick launched by Nwakali, but his shot bounces off the wall of Deportivo Alavés.

Minute 54. Alave’s chance. Duarte reaches the back line and concedes to Miguel, his shot goes to Amir, bounces off the Alava player and misses the back line.

50 minutes. Providential Duarte crossed to avoid a dangerous shot from Espiau. The local team remains brave.

Minute 46. Alavés tries with a good cross from the left but safely passes the Ponfe defence.

The second part starts in Ponferrada.

Rest in Ponferrada. Very even this first part.

Two minutes added in El Toralíin

Minute 25. Free kick that Nwakali throws over the barrier, but the ball goes just wide.

Minute 21. He tries to surprise Nwakali with a shot at the near post, but Sivera puts his fists in and shoots away.

Minute 13. Tenaglia’s cross to the penalty spot looking for Miguel, but Amir comes out and takes the ball.

Minute 7. Now it was Amir who had to step in to stop a shot from Sedlar after a cross from Duarte.

Minute 5. Ponferradina came out brave. He was the first approach to the rival area. Sivera stops Espiau’s shot.

The game starts in El Toralín.

And this is the line-up of the team from Vitoria.

With this, Eleven receives the Ponferradina to Alavés

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