No one can do this Attic Go Elche. This franjiverdes Warriors played a very determined game this front leader and big favorite to the title, Super Amara Bera Bera from San Sebastian; and they could add a magnificent draw with the taste of victory.

The San Sebastians had only lost two points in the entire championship. And Elche set tore the other based on strength, courage, good defense and moments of clarity on offenseespecially in the first half.

team Joaquin Rocamorafaced with shock Eight consecutive wins in League, Cup and European competitions; Thanks to this, their streak is increasing even more and they already have nine matches. Moreover, The draw helps them fully participate in the fight for second place in the Guerreras-Iberdrola League. and catch Morale is high before the first leg of the EHF European Cup quarter-finals.who will meet him Sunday (12 hours)Moreover flag hope delayin front Gijonin a Spanish duel.

The match between Elche and the Basques was very even.. could be on either side and the distribution of points can be considered fair.

AtticGo Elche entered the track very well. with him Dutch Tessa Van Zilj’s classic forward defense and offensive contribution they took the lead on the scoreboard and had the advantage of up to three goals per minute. 20 (10-7).

However Bera Bera is a lot of Bera Bera. and he knew how to react Paula Arcos of Elda and Laura Hernández of Elche. The San Sebastian women even reversed the game before the timeout. Although 13-13 and swords are at their peak, it’s time to vacation.

The defense of the green fringe warriors was once again fundamental. CBME

Maximum equality followed in the second part. The score changed, but there was a moment when the Basques looked like they were going to break the game. The Franjiverdes warriors were stuck in the attack and it was difficult for them to find a solution to the mix in Tessa Van Zilj.. It appeared again in the most difficult moments, The newly revamped Nicole Morales who kept her team in the match with a few great tackles.

The Rocamora team drew in the last ten minutes at 21.. However, then still on the attack. Green-fringed warriors are determined a few unforced turnovers and Bera Bera take the lead again.

It would seem that this was going to be the final and the victory would go to Bella Easo.. But this AtticGo should never be left to die. They knew how to stay in shock and Missing her previous shots, Brazilian Alexandra Dos Nacimento broke the scoreboard.. The people of San Sebastian had one last chance to win at zero, but were stopped by the barrier.

Zaira Benítez shoots into goal CBME

Fair points distribution in a great match at the end.


ATTICGO ELCHE: Nicole Morales, Pamela Fernandes, Katia Zhukova (1), Tessa Van Zijl (8), Celia Guilabert, Patricia Méndez (2), Nuria Andreu, Danila So Delgado (3), Clara Gascó, María Flores, Zaira Benítez (2), Elena Martínez, María Carrillo, Paola Bernabé (4) and Alexandra Do Nascimento (4).

SUPER AMARA BERA BERA: Alice Fernandes, Esther Arrojería (3), Mariane Fernandes (5), Marie Louis (3), Alba Menéndez (3), Laura Hernández (3), Maitane Echeverria (1), Maddi Aalla, Elke Karsten (1), June Loidi , Paula Arcos (3), Anne Martínez, Guiliana Gavilán and Cristina Polonio (2).

A MARKER EVERY 5 MINUTES: 2-2, 5-4, 7-6, 10-7, 11-12, 13-13 (remaining) 15-16, 17-18, 19-21, 21-21, 22-23 and 24-24 ( end).

REFEREES: Alejandro Hoz and Axel Riola.

PAVILLION: Hope Delay.