HE red crescent Saudi finalist Club World Cup after giving Surprise for Flamengo (2-3) In a game where the Brazilian team played with a minus the entire second half, this made things a lot easier for him.

The conflict soon turned revolutionary, before the first three minutes Mateuzinho knocks out Luciano Vietto in the zone, causing maximum penalty. Salem Aldawsari, the same player who rose to the forefront of the international football scene months ago by scoring in Saudi Arabia’s media victory over Argentina at the World Cup in Qatar, took charge.

He did so by showing stripes in front of many who opposed the launch, and Santos did not forgive even though he hit him from the side.

Brazilian team reacted quickly, trying to leave advantage momentarily and anecdotally. With the control of the match, the positions came. Pedro was the first to threaten him with a headshot near the post. The striker didn’t have a chance there, but did so soon after, when Mateuzinho handed him the ball and crossed the scrimmage right to hit the ball from below and equalize.

Balance took the pressure off Flamengo, but once again, they insisted on making their lives harder when Gérson made a commitment. a new penalty just before the timeout that earned him the second yellow and then the red. Salem Aldawsari had transformed it again by turning both goal shots into gold for Al Hilal until then.

The South American team came out of the locker room, ready to emerge from the maze they were in and were about to plunge into further chaos. After a good individual action, Marega gave the ball back to Khalifah, who sent it at a time when it was easier to hit the net.

Clara was the opportunity Gabriel had with a headshot on the counter shortly after, but she was unable to divert the ball between three clubs. This failure was not forgiven by the opponent after he was defeated by the Brazilians. He put together a cold-blooded bench with precision. and tenderness from Argentine Luciano Vietto.

It looked like the icing on the cake for the Asian team, who dominated the ball against a Flamengo chasing shadows in despicableness. However, in this context, Pedro caught a dead ball in the area after Jang’s deflection and added color to the result, although it wasn’t enough to upset Al Hilal’s success in the 91st minute.

Data sheet:

2 – Flamenco: saints; Mateuzinho, David Luiz, Léo Pereira (Fabricio Bruno, min. 46), Ayrton Lucas; Thiago Maia (Vidal, min.81), Gerson; Éverton Ribeiro (Éverton, min.68), Gabriel, De Arrascaeta (Thumb, min.46); and Pedro.

3 – El Hilal: Almayouf; Saud, Jang, AL Bulayhi, Khalifah (Nasser, min. 65); Cuellar, Carrillo, Salem Aldawsari; Marega, Vietto (Jahfali, min.87) and Ighalo (Michael, min.57).

Goals: 0-1, min4: Salem Aldawsari from Penalty. 1-1, min 20: Peter. 1-2, min.53+: Salem Aldawsari from Penalty. 1-3, min. 70: Vietto. 2-3, min.91: Pedro.

Judge: Istvan Kovacs (Romania). From Flamengo, Gabriel (min.17), David Luiz (min.42), Pulgar (min.56) and Thiago Maia (min.72) and Al Hilal Vietto (min.42), Khalifah ( min.62) warned. ) and Jahfali (min.88). He sent Gérson to double yellow (min.15 and min.53+).

events: The FIFA Club World Cup semi-final match was played in front of 42,496 spectators at the Grand Stade in Tangier (Morocco). A minute’s silence was held in memory of earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.