Atlético Nacional: How many national and international titles do you have?

Verdolaga has the largest showcase in Colombia and one of the most admired internationally.

He King of cups It is a nickname earned by hand National Athleticsa team that has become accustomed to fighting for every competition it enters and has gained admirers all over the world thanks to various achievements it has made, winning national and international titles.

than in goalWe review the trophies purslane has won in its more than 70-year history, adding up to a total of 31 conquests.


2015-II National Athletics Championvizzorimages

Number of Colombian competitions won: 17

Since it was first inaugurated by Fernando Paternoster in 1954no other Colombian club won more tournaments than Verde.

Nacional was crowned in 1973, 1976, 1981, 1991, 1994 and 1999 in times of annual tournaments, while Since two tournaments are held per year, he has won the 2005, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2022 Openings and the 2007, 2013 and 2015 Finals.


Atlético National Champion Colombia Cup 2018

Number of Colombian cups won: 5

The Medellín group too holds the record for titles in this league.

In 2012 defeated Deportivo Pasto in the final (0-0 and 2-0), in 2013 defeated Millonarios (2-2 and 1-0), in 2016 defeated Junior (2-1 and 1-0), in 2018 Ever Caldas (1-1 and 2-1) and in its most recent edition (2021) Deportivo Pereira (5-0 and 0-1).


GALLERY Atlético Nacional champion Super League 2016

Number of Colombian Super Leagues won: 2

Nacional’s first ordination in the game which faces the champions of the Apertura and Finalización tournaments it was in 2012the first year in which the Super League was played. El Verde powerfully defeated Junior: won 3-0 as a visitor and 3-1 at home.

in 2016by the hand of Reinaldo Rueda, repeated the title against Deportivo Cali with 2-0 wins away from home and 3-0 at the Atanasio Girardot.

In 2023, he will seek his third commitment against Deportivo Pereira.


Atlético Nacional

Number of Copa Libertadores won: 2

In 1989, Nacional became the first Colombian team to win the top club competition in South America. led by Francisco Maturana, in a remembered final against Paraguay’s Olimpia that was decided by penalties and with René Higuita as the hero.

in 2016after losing in the 1995 final, el Verde repeated the historic achievement under the technical direction of Reinaldo Rueda and after winning the final against the surprising Independiente del Valle, who had just left the two Argentine giants, Boca and River, on the road.


Atlético Nacional de Medellín, champion of the 1989 Copa Libertadores

Number of Inter-American Cups won: 2

In 1990, one year after winning the LibertadoresNacional would play the game (now extinct) that faced the winners of the Copa Libertadores de América and the CONCACAF Champions Cup: on that occasion, ‘Los Puros Criollos’ easily defeated Pumas de la UNAM, from Mexico, with a 6-1 aggregate (2-0 at home and 4-1 away).

In 1997since Brazil’s Gremio (1995 Libertadores champion) refused to play it, Nacional was invited that year as runners-up and was crowned by beating Deportivo Saprissa of Costa Rica 3-2 in a single match.


Millionaires vs. National 1999Vizzor image Getty Images

Number of Merconorte Cups won: 2

Of the four editions of this tournament held between 1998 and 2001, the Medellín team won the half.

In 1998, the year the competition was launched, defeated Deportivo Cali in the final with an overall of 4-1 (3-1 and 1-0) and in 2000sand triumphed in the definition over one of its biggest rivals, Millonarios de Bogotá (0-0 and 2-1).


Atlético Nacional, South American Recopa champion

Number of South American Cups won: 1

In a final with a high emotional content, in 2017, Nacional, as Libertadores champions, faced Chapecoenseto whom he relinquished the South American title after the aerial tragedy of November 2016.

After the Santa Catarina team won 2-1 at home, El Verde defeated Atanasio 4–1 to retain the title he lost to Boca Juniors in 1990.

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