It is not yet known whether this is a Federation smoke bomb or if it actually looks real, but the truth is that the rumor is, irritability In the clubs mid-season. First RFEF, the third category of Spanish football where Eldense competes, La Nucia, Intercity and AlcoyanoRFEF is at risk of disappearing at the end of this season, just twice after a decision initiated by the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) that could cause great controversy and that many teams have yet to approve. The aforementioned competition may disappear due to numerous complaints and instability from clubs. It is also possible to see that a new competition model is being worked on for the next season.

The federation has yet to make an official statement.While one sign of the possible change is the appointment of Javier Vich, the current manager of the First Federation, as the director of the Second Federation as well, this may be an indication after an open conflict between the clubs. So, everything indicates that in addition to the fact that the model is not only profitable, it is preparing an alternative to replace the existing competition after situations such as Extremadura or Dux Internacional, which show that the competition is far from professionalization. Federation or clubs.

The complex economic situation through which a significant portion of the 40 clubs operating in both groups went through., the large number of complaints from them, and the instability with the RFEF could result in the return of the former Second B with several groups and many teams. It should be noted that this model consists of 80 teams divided into four groups. Everything is up in the air and it is not yet clear how all the changes will affect the Second and Third RFEF. In the bronze category, there are serious television problems because it is a television-linked platform, as there is no sponsor to name the category and multiply the revenue. Spanish Football Federation (FEF), InSports TV, broadcasting matches and not always of sufficient quality. The triggers of a crisis that threatens the survival of the current model do not end there, as the spending of the 40 clubs in the category has increased significantly in terms of travel as the Second B split into two groups instead of four Regulars. this means a greater territorial expanse under the west-east division in the 2022-23 campaign. Moreover, They do not have enough income to cover the expenses of an already controversial contest, which may get worse now. The clubs are waiting for the Spanish Federation’s statements to shed light on the clubs that are in the middle of the season, as this season will mean a freeze in relegation. At the last meeting at federation headquarters, where neither of the two proposals presented by the federation were voted on, the last straw might have been the last straw, and Rubiales might have been considering a return to the old model.