Zenit player Mostovoy surprised that Promes was not disqualified after a fight in the Kyrgyz Republic 14:59

Zenit midfielder Andrei Mostovoy believes that players involved in the fight against Spartak in the Russian Cup match should face various disqualifications depending on the level of participation in the fight.

“Almost everyone joined the fight. And the same Barrios knocked a little on the door at first, then “swept” in a bunch and began to beat. Why does he need six games? It seems to me that different players can be given different disqualification conditions. For example, Nicholson and Rodrigo fought a lot – they have more, and someone less. Let’s say Malcolm… Row everybody with the same brush… Meanwhile, they didn’t give anything to the instigating Promes,” Mostovoy says. “Match TV”.

Recall that immediately after the regular time of the final match of the group stage of the Russian Cup between Zenit and Spartak, a mass fight broke out on the field with the participation of only football players. It all started with the whistle of Zenit’s Wilmar Barrios and Spartak forward Quincy Promes.

The referee of the match, Vladimir Moskalev, sent out six players (Malcolm, Rodrigao, Barrios, Sobolev, Nicholson and Selikhov). They were later suspended all six games.

It was previously reported that In the match played between Bulgarian “Beroe” and “Rubin”, the Russian referee expelled two players due to conflict..

Source: Gazeta


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