Why isn’t Jordi Alba playing Japan vs. Spain team for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

The Barcelona side, ​​in the first two appearances for Luis Enrique’s team, had a very good level.

In confirming Spain’s line-up against Japan in the final match of the World Cup group stage, one of the surprises was that Jordi Alba was not in the headlines, after the very good level of the team in the games against Costa Rica and Germany. Why such a decision?


Why isn’t Jordi Alba playing Japan vs. Spain team for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

The player, for the peace of mind of La Roja fans, He’s not hurt, nor is he uncomfortable. Luis Enrique decided to give minutes to another Barcelona side, Alejandro Bald, because of its good performance in practice. In addition, Jordi Alba, 33, will be able to rest, thinking about the round of 16.

Bucket’s growth

Balde has always been a special player in the youth sector, ever since he left Espanyol in 2012 to sign for the Blaugrana team. Born of a Guinean father and a Dominican Republic mother, he overcame all obstacles, he won the championship in all categories and impressed in 16 appearances for Barcelona B last year. This year he has continued to grow in the subsidiary and in the first team thanks to Xavi.

“He is powerful and technically skilled. In teams that want to attack with the wings and keep the ball, he knows how to give width very well. He has the physical ability to play at this level. When he sees a place, he jumps and offers game options to his teammates,” explains his former youth coach, Franc Artiga.

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