It was just the first friendship. match against West Bromwich Albion it was almost an education and The official competition will be the one that will determine the penalty.. but PAblo Machín made it clearfrom day one, that her ideas were very clear and that she wanted the style book she wanted for her Elche..

Although he said this throughout his career in his presentation He played with different systems, it was his favorite and the one that gave him the most results, especially in Girona, with three central defenders and two wingers.. And everything indicates that he will once again be the chosen one in the Elche team.

Also, the coach of Soriano is a part of the Franjiverde box. a high-pressure, intense team trying to play as long as possible on the opposite court.

He’s only been training for two weeks and he still has a lot of work ahead of him. to the machine He seems convinced that he will find success with Elche.. He stood up in the locker room and in the club. “We have a teacher now” When asked by this newspaper about the new manager’s first impressions, these were the words of the various components of the locker room and the franchise establishment.

Right now you have the pattern of the idea. More than two weeks until the truth emerges to develop the details of a clear style guide:


5-3-2 on defense and 3-5-2 on offense

On the day he arrived at Elche, Machín pointed out that he needed to adapt to the players in his squad before defining himself with a game system. However, it was clear last Friday that his tactical draw would be 5-3-2 on defense and 3-5-2 on offense. The new coach kept the three defenders and two wingers independent of the players throughout the game, and said he would create a completely different team each time..

John, Gonzalo Verdu and Diego González Forming the backbone of the defense in the first half Jose and Carlos Clerc In the second half, there was a card change in the groups. Helibelton PalaciosDespite being a winger, he played as a right-back, a role he played in a previous match. Francisco. John remained with the Colombian until the last minutes, when he was replaced by the youth team. Diego Cocca; and i go in Pedro Bigas on the left side of the rear. Pol Lirola and rookie lautaro white In the second episode, they acted as wingers.


A containment pivot and two interior spaces seeking space

Machín’s midfield idea can also be seen in the fight against the British. And as with the defense, he held steady despite the player trade. Soriano coach wants a containment center playing in front of three centre-backs. Omer MascarelIt fulfilled this function in the first half and Raul GutiIn one second.

It also aims for the two interiors to seek space inside by taking advantage of the rises in the side wings. Alex Collado, wanting to heal for the cause; Y chewing gumthey occupied that parcel in the first 45 minutes, they occupied it in the second minute Sunday Quinaanother of the football players that he plans to raise his level; Y Nico FernandezAlthough he is a winger, who sees him more as a midfielder, especially after the arrival of Lautaro Blanco, who brought the list of left-handed wingers to three.

In that position on the inside left, it awaits Fidel like rain in May.. The man from Huelva could play for a minute. However, he chose not to risk one iota and wait to avoid a relapse.

Pablo Machín gives instructions during a training session in Oliva SONIA ARCOS/ECF


Gumbau and Nico were responsible for the discontinued ball.

Pablo Machín attached great importance to strategic actions in all the teams he took part in. Although Jordi Guerrero, assistant specialist in set pieces, has not yet come to Elche; Soriano coach is very effective in such games. and against it West Bromwich Albion can be seen how the two lefties, Gumbau and Nico were responsible for most of the corner kicksIn the images presented by the Elche club.


Two pressure points with opposing defense

And offensively, Machín chose two strikers with clearly different profiles. They played in the first episode Lucas Boye and Roger Martianother one of those marked in red to save. After the break they entered Ezequiel Ponce and Pere Değirmena. The new green-green coach wants the two wingers to have more mobility, seek space and put pressure on the opposing defence. In fact, Ponce’s winning goal began with a steal.

So far it’s only been a sketch. Ideas and requests are welcome. Thursday, Against Leeds United in the Festa d’Elx cup, there will be time for another test. In this toughest case, against an opponent from the Prime Minister.